International Women's Day in Dubai - Food and Films!

08 Mar, 2015 / Posted By Nishant

Happy International Women's Day! 

Sunday, 8th March 2015 marks the day we commemorate the beautiful women in our lives for all their accomplishments and achievements. Most men would love to treat the ladies in their life on this special day, be it their wife, their mother, their sister or their daughter.

So we have come up with the coolest way to make it a festive day, with our ever-popular "Movies and Delivery" combo blog, where we list out the best movies for you to watch which celebrates the fairer gender, and pair those with the best food deliveries and takeaways in Dubai!

Read on and find out more...


1. Legally Blonde

A strong female lawyer who owns the courtroom, this lovable chick flick is best paired with a delicious takeaway from the quaint Fraiche Café and Bistro. 

Price per person: AED 90
Cuisine: French, International
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2. Breakfast at Tiffany's

This classic tale is every woman's favourite. Treat your mother with a night of this movie and some homely, Arabic food from Nay Restaurant & Lounge.

Price per person: AED 300
Cuisine: Lebanese, Arabic
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3. Mean Girls

Mean Girls is funny, clever and a fun watch with your teenage girls. Order in some cheesy, gooey pizza from Red Tomato Pizza for the ultimate family movie night.

Price per person: AED 60
Cuisine: Italian
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4. Frozen

A Disney favourite amongst your littlest ones: Frozen teaches your young girls about female empowerment. Match your food with the title and order a treat from Cold Stone Creamery!

Price per person: AED 25
Cuisine: Refreshments
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5. The Hunger Games

A strong female lead character, plenty of action and an exciting trilogy makes this an excellent watch with your female friends. Call for some Turkish dishes from Zurna... perfect for sharing.

Price per person: AED 70
Cuisine: Turkish
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6. The Devil Wears Prada

Your sisters will love this tale of the ruthless world of fashion. A healthy, (guilt-free) serving of seafood from Barracuda will do the trick on this movie night for the divas in your family.

Price per person: AED 120
Cuisine: Seafood, Arabic
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7. Mr and Mrs Smith

Spice it up by watching Angelina Jolie sizzle the screen in this one over some delectable South Indian curries from Eric's Restaurant.

Price per person: AED 50
Cuisine: South Indian, Thai, Chinese
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8. Million Dollar Baby

This should be on your bucket list if you are a true feminist! Call The Pantry Cafe for the ideal feast that should accomopany this powerful flick.

Price per person: AED 90
Cuisine: International
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9. Pretty Woman

A must-see for every girl, this rom-com is ideal for a girls' night in with some popcorn and cupcakes from The Hummingbird Bakery.

Price per person: AED 30
Cuisine: Bakery & Confectionary
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10. Miss Congeniality

An female undercover FBI agent at a pagaent is just what we need to see while we pack a punch with some zingy dishes from Shang Thai

Price per person: AED 90
Cuisine: Thai
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Outside of Dubai, click on your city to discover the top 10 delivery restaurants and pair them with one of the movies above for the ultimate Women's Day special night in. 

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Share your experience with us and let us know how you celebrated the women in your life today. Good luck!

By Mayuri Gidwani

Content Editor for RoundMenu 

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