Top 10 Restaurants in Dubai Mall

14 Jul, 2014 / Posted By Mayuri

Dining out in a mall culture first picked up in the early 90s with introduction of fast food franchise setting up in newly construed malls to entice the residents of Dubai and ever since, it’s a fad that has constantly been followed by inhabitants and tourist in Dubai. Over the years, the fast food concept has branched out to include various home grown concept and more gourmet options as well to please diverse taste buds. Here are the ten of the current best dine in option at Dubai Mall to shed a light on the mall dine-in trend.


BrandiBrandi Pizzeria

A pizzeria inside a mall? That’s correct. Brandi Pizzeria boasts authencity and traditionality methods of pizza preparation. The rustic ambiance and chequered table cloths sets apart the mall from the restaurant the moment you enter as your taste buds discover pizzas representing the colors of Italian flags and much more with centuries of culinary skill. Savour traditional Italian cuisine at its best!


ping pongPing Pong Dim Sum

The flowering tea and mocktails cause a sensational buzz along with the Friday all-you-can eat dim sum catering Chinese flavor with a twist all within a contemporary setting while you dine with options such as parcels of deliciousness - dumplings, fluffy buns, and crispy fried rolls and various clay pots that set the tone for a fantastic shared dining experience whilst overlooking the Dubai Fountain.



The Italian dine in option at the mall caters as a café, restaurant and food shop serving Italian delicacies and authentic wood oven pizza which are freshly prepared using best ingredients sourced from Italy. On a plus size, Carluccio’s is open for breakfast as well and offers a view of the Dubai Fountain and The Burj Khalifa.


al-halabAl Hallab

The traditional Arabic cuisine option serving dishes prepared with homegrown family recipies which are quite popular with the Dubai residents and steady attracting the tourist visitor to the Mall. Al Hallab’s daily specials and authentic recipes reflect heritage of fresh authentic Lebanese cuisine which is every so welcomed when dining out. A perfect dine in experience at a mall.



The high-end Italian food and retail chain made its way to a mall in Dubai serving up a menu using all if not most of the retail items served in store. From fresh mozzarella cheese to a recently opened Nutella bar which has been causing a sensational buzz and the famous illy coffee to entice the taste bud are all under one roof at Eataly. Try the freshly made pizza as well as the crispy calamaris for a simple, light and healthy meal option at the mall.


potbellyPotbelly Sandwich Shop

The famed sandwich shop caters quick sub with salad, soups as well as baked fries as options. The lush hand-sliced deli meats and cheese accompanied on bread options with hearty topping makes for a perfect grub in a mall for a semi-priced selection. For a sweet tooth fancy, try the milkshakes and ice-cream sandwiches.



For a quick sushi fix in a semi-upscale setting with the mall, Katsuya by of Master Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi features spectacular sushi and sashimi platters which are true to Japanese flavors yet Americanized to suit various palates. The signature dishes are ones to rave from yellowtail sashimi to miso-marinated black cod and more.



lafayetteLafayette Gourmet

Ode to gastronomy and gourmandize, the Lafayette Gourmet is a mall with in the mall with a food department offering a whole range of international, original and innovative edible treats, guaranteed to titillate your taste buds!





 Markette Restaurant & Crêperie

Home-cooked goodness, great coffee, and various fresh off-the-kitchen comfort food all at Markette restaurant/café. One of the new outlets at the mall, Markette is famous for the freshly prepared galettes, crêpes and the various comfort foods. There’s a salad bar within the restaurant as well for the healthy take along with use of organic buckwheat flour and natural ingredients.


texas-roadhouseTexas Roadhouse

If you are in search for a true American experience that’s all about fun and serving up legendary food and service, then dining at Texas Roadhouse is your answer. American sized portions fit enough to share from hand-cut steaks to the famous fibs and the freshly baked bread served with cinnamon butter are just few of the key to the success of the restaurant. Albeit, a possible waiting line over the weekdays and mostly weekends, the experience takes you to the outback all within the setting of a mall, unbelievable.


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