The Rotisserie Brunch at Caravan, Ritz Carlton

17 Nov, 2014 / Posted By Mayuri

The moment I walk into Caravan at the Ritz Carlton, I am enraptured. Beams of warm sunlight pour through the French windows, on to the cream and cobalt interiors. The chiffon pale curtains billow in the gentle breeze and the air is perfumed with the tempting aromas of an array of cuisines that have been beautifully presented without overwhelming the eye. My friends and I are seated by the charismatic Jimena, our sommelier for the afternoon, and sipping my pear cider cocktail, I blissfully revel in the Mediterranean feel to this new brunch in town.


I kickstart this Friday feast with a refreshing cucumber gazpacho, some buttery soft salmon sashimi and a few California makisushi. I have never had this variation of the Spanish cold soup, least of all when it is served in a light bulb with a straw. Nevertheless, it packs a delicious punch, and sets the tone for everything else we would eat that afternoon.


Eggs BenedictCucumber Gazpacho


My friends and I peruse through the menu – which helpfully indicates the “Top 10 to Try” dishes of the day as well as a vino compilation. Vowing to try most of the listed items, we start off by heading straight to the rotisserie, the namesake for this brunch. The chefs expertly carve slivers of beautifully cooked meats, drenched in their own jus and topped with dollops of creamed spinach, all of which is devoured with much gusto.

The restaurant starts to get busier by this point, but the service maintains its impeccable status. A live music duo crooning popular tunes jazz up the buzzing ambience by a few notches, the singing interrupted every now and then by the pop of champagne bottles opening. We are served some bubbly too, which seamlessly complements our next helping of seafood.


Surf and Turf


Oh, the seafood! The spicy prawns are instilled with a titillating tang and one bite of the rich, buttery, grilled lobster is enough to spellbind me. I look to my friends, whose faces gleam in likeminded satisfaction. The baked kingfish, although less flamboyant, is equally successful, offset by ribbons of tangy red tahini sauce.


Dulce de Camel's Leche


While we wait before nosediving into our next culinary conquest, we are offered some unusual and interesting concoctions, including a Dulce de Leche shot made from camel’s milk. These serve as a pleasantly surprising palate cleanser, after which we dig into plentiful helpings of Goan fish curry and Tandoori chicken. The blended spices are just perfect, leaving your tongue tingling without overpowering the fresh ingredients of the dish. 


Chef Rami Shawarma  


At the Arabic kitchen, I observe the purveyors of Middle Eastern specialties prepare my plate with utmost care: the chicken stew and the vegetables are expertly integrated into the fluffy, steaming cous cous. Chef Big Rami encourages me to start eating this Moroccan marvel before it gets cold, and promises to bring his signature chicken Shawarma over to us as soon as it is grilled to perfection. By now, we are bursting at the seams, but gobble up every last bit of the delectable Levantine delights with fervent greed.


Cous CousCous Cous


We take the party outside now, seating ourselves in the glimmering terrace which is bathed in the cool November sun. Giddy from the mouthwatering food and the exceptional service, we discuss how this place has struck a flawless balance, offering a good variety of dishes without compromising on quality. 


Rasberry Tartlets


This wasn’t the end, however. After much insistence by Jimena, we head towards the desserts counter, where the rows and rows of tartlets, pastries and cakes tantalizingly fight for attention. I am directed towards the apple pies, a signature at the Rotisserie Brunch. “Make sure you get plenty of the crust,” I am appropriately advised, and I cut myself a generous portion.


Apple Pie


My friend returns from the live waffle counter with a plateful of steaming hot, crunchy waffles smothered under a scoop of vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce, which he happily polishes off. Another friend and I gleefully tuck into what we can confidently say is one of the best apple pies we’ve ever had. Mind numbingly exquisite, it managed to be creamy, flaky, crunchy, spicy and sweet all at the same time. Feeling pleasantly drowsy under the setting sun, we all agree that this new kid on the brunch block is definitely one to watch out for. 


Caravan Inside


Overall, Caravan at the Ritz Carlton offers a fantastic Friday brunch. It’s an intimate and classy affair with a laidback vibe paving way for the perfect start to a relaxed weekend. Your food will be sumptuous and fresh, your glasses will never be empty, and your needs will be catered to throughout the evening by the ever-smiling, friendly staff.

Tell us about your experience; have you tried the new Rotisserie Brunch?

  • Brunch: Every Friday from 1pm to 4pm
  • Location: The Ritz Carlton Hotel, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence
  • Cuisines: Mediterranean, European, Arabic, Indian, Japanese, International
  • Good for: Couples, Newcomers to Brunch, Small Groups
  • Price per person: Starting from AED 450.

By Mayuri Gidwani

Content Editor for RoundMenu

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