The Restaurant Buzz Awards

06 Jan, 2015 / Posted By Mayuri

Vote for the best restaurants in Dubai... now with the Restaurant Buzz Awards!  

The Restaurant Buzz Awards are social dining awards based around special occasons and voted for by the public through Facebook and Twitter.

After casting their vote, lucky diners can win a dinner for four in the awarded restaurant of any of the 8 categories.

The categories are:


Fine, Fun Dining

A restaurant that makes you feel special with fabulous food, elegant ambience and impeccably smooth service. 






Casual, Cheerful Catch-Up

A restaurant, a café, or a bistro with a relaxed vibe, ideal for spending quality time with loved ones, bonding over food and catching up over drinks. 





Celebrate in Style Meal

A special restaurant that you save up for an unforgettable meal in a beautiful setting. Birthdays, anniversaries... any milestone is memorialised perfectly here.




Family Sharing Meal

Anywhere perfect for family get-togethers and large celebrations with food so good, every member of the family leaves smiling. This place should offer plenty of varied dishes or a service style that makes sharing easy.  




Serious Business Dining

A place ideal to seal the deal with fellow professionals over a friendly and relaxed service and and an equally pleasing meal.





Love is in the Air Dining

A restaurant that gives you butterflies in your stomach thanks to their scenic view, their buzzing atmosphere and their aphrodisiac food; an ideal place to propose, to have a date night, to re-ignite the passions... 




Hidden Gems

Take the road less traveled, dig out and vote for the best buried treasure this city has to offer. There are so many hidden gems in Dubai... but which one is your favourite?




Quick, Healthy Pit-Stop

The best place in town that offers delicious and nutritious food; somewhere you can indulge without feeling the guilt of eating out. 






RBA BeeTo vote, head over to - voting closes 14 February 2015, and the winners will be announced shortly after.   

Once you have cast your vote, you can see what your friends on Facebook have nominated as their favourites.

Follow our Buzzing Bee on social media... she will guide you to where everyone else has voted.

And remember - you can win a dinner for four in any of the above categories! 



So get social and get buzzing... Good luck!



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