World Pizza Day - How is Pizza Eaten Around the World?

09 Feb, 2015 / Posted By Mayuri

Happy World Pizza Day! It takes a true pizza lover to appreciate the fact that this beautiful dish can be adapted to the countless different palates of people from around the world.

In celebration of World Pizza Day today, we will show you what it's like to eat the local variation of pizza in different countries. And because we live in the melting pot that is Dubai, fortunately, you can even eat these in your favourite restaurants across the city. Read on, get experimental and book a dinner in the following places... 


 The Neapolitan-style Margherita pizza at Rossovivo


 The Chicago-style deep dish pizza at Uno Chicago Grill


Aroos Damascus 

The Manakish from the Middle East at Aroos Damascus



 The Okonomiyaki from Japan at Umai


Kaftan Turkish Cuisine

 The Lahmacun from Turkey at Kaftan Turkish Cuisine



The New York style at Russo's New York Pizzeria


La Serre

 The Tarte Flambèe from France at La Serre


Sapori di Bice

 The Pizza Bianca from Rome at Sapori Di Bice



For the best pizzas in Dubai, more tips and tricks on how to eat this gooey, delicious pie, and for more fun facts on pizza, click here.

By Mayuri Gidwani

Content Editor for RoundMenu

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