Hidden Desserts Across Dubai

24 Apr, 2014 / Posted By Mayuri

Top 10 Desserts in Dubai by Pear Tree Diaries

It’s no mystery; nearly everyone has a sweet tooth craving for either a sugary ending or even a taste for zestiness.

In Dubai, we’re no strangers to sweets as nearly all restaurant offer desserts, a few with specialized menus as well, along with the many cafes across U.A.E to bakeries and cake boutiques.

To put an ease to those sweet tooth cravings and to set the drooling in motion, check out the around up of top 10 desserts selections in Dubai from decadent cakes, to filo pastry filled confectioneries, and various other ingredients which are far from traditional dessert offerings.


milk & honey

Milk & Honey: Greek yoghurt & sumac pannacotta, sidr honey and saffron pashmak – Qbara

Qbara, an experience which evoked culinary wonders with its quintessential arabesque cuisine and an unmistakable modern twist. The milk & honey dessert captured the true essence of the cuisine from evident modern aspects of saffron pashmak to a traditional Arabic fare which aroused the taste buds.


Yuzu Cheesecake

Yuzu Cheesecake, Frozen Meringue - Toko Dubai

At Toko Dubai, the desserts options are merged with traditional favorites that offer a variety of taste and selection which satisfies the need for saccharine indulgence such as the decadent Yuzu cheesecake with a frozen meringue.


Apple Crumble

Apple Crumble Tart - Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse Dubai

The perfect crust from the flaky pastry with a crispy streusel crumble with a lush center filled with baked Granny Smith apples served with vanilla bean ice cream is perfect at Ruth’s and picture-perfect dessert options at a steakhouse.


 Churros Co Chocolate Churros con Chocolate - Salero Tapas & Bodega

At Salero, the Spanish bodega and tapas restaurant, one must order the Churros con Chocolate. The firm yet doughy churro are served piping hot with require about a 10 minute wait and accompanies with a generous helping of warm chocolate sauce.





Apple BaklavaApple Baklava – Zurna

I love a good baklava and who else does it better than the Turks? Layers of rich crispy sweet filo pastry filled chopped nuts with lush pieces of thin apple slices soaking in between the filo pastry layers served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.










Sweet Martabak

Sweet Martabak (Manis) - Wok It

The sweet martabak (manis) or the Indonesian Pancakes is made with a ladle full of the fermented batter spread of over a heated deep cast iron which is perfectly cooked light brown, spread with generous amounts of butter, freshly grated cheese and a hand full of chocolate sprinkles with cashew nuts along with a luscious drizzle of fresh cream.


Honey Cake

Honey Cake – Bikers Café

The multitude of revving of the bikes outside Bikers Café is put to slice with a bite of the Honey Cake made with thin layers of sponge cake with crème and grounded nuts drilled with lush date syrupy (dibs).


 Rose Pistachio CakeRose & Pistachio cake - Bloomsbury’s

The deliciously moist with rose flavoring and pistachio cake layered with smooth butter cream icing decorated with dry rose petals and chopped pistachio is a perfect accompaniment to every celebration and to curse that longing cake cravings.






Lindt Dark Chocolate CookieLindt Dark Chocolate Cookies - The Pizza Guys

A homegrown concept, The Pizza Guys follows their passion for use of traditional methods, fresh ingredients and most of all quality. The Lindt dark chocolate cookies with its oozing warm center filled with chunks of melted dark chocolate is sinfully decadent with a flawless taste that works best when dunked in fresh cold milk, as experienced. Yum!


Chocolate SamosasChocolate Samosas – Indego by Vineet

Forget traditional samosas with its savory fillings! At Indego’s, the crispness of the filo pastry which makes up the shell of the samosa is filled with sumptuous chocolate with each bite exposing the oozing melted center held within the pastry cavity served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream that enhances the flavor and experience.

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