Best Pizzas in Dubai - We'll Show You How It's Done!

19 Nov, 2014 / Posted By Mayuri

Pizza is arguably the most popular food in the world. While the origins of this timeless dish are disputed to this day, it is commonly attributed to Italian cuisine. In this article, we bring to you the best ways to eat a pizza, the most popular toppings across the worlds, and we will also reveal our top picks of pizzerias around town where you can dine out or order delivery from. 

Did you know that the way you eat your pizza makes a huge difference in taste? Apparently we've been doing it wrong all along: you must turn the pizza upside down, crust facing upwards. This way, the instant contact with your tongue maximises flavour. Do you agree? How would you eat these little slices of heaven? Here are our suggestions:

 Pizza Slices


Image source: Domino's Pizza


We at RoundMenu are torn over how we should eat our pizza. Some of us like it spicy, with Tabasco and chilli flakes. Others argue that it's delicious dipped in ketchup, mustard or mayonnaise. Purists fervently argue that plain is the way to go... but all of us agreed that a pizza tastes best when shared with friends over a Coke and a few drinks. That is, until we start discussing the toppings. Check out how pizza is eaten across the world:


World Pizza

Image source: RoundTable Pizza



What is your favourite topping? Check out what is popular in your city, whether you are in Abu Dhabi, BeirutRiyadh or Cairo

Whether it is the fancy, authentic Italian fodder, or a casual American pie, we have compiled a list covering the different kinds of pizza trending in Dubai. We promise you will not be disappointed by the plethora of deliciously cheesy discs of heaven. 


Dine Out

Call or book to reserve a table in the following restaurants - their pizzas are so good they tend to get booked up pretty fast. We recommend you head over to our favourites pizzerias with company: whether that is family, friends or a date... a good piece of pie tastes even better when shared.



Why? Location, location, location. If there is one thing we love more than a quality pizza, it's a quality pizza in a romantic setting. Pizza has a tendency of relaxing any ambience, no matter how ostentatious the setting may be. This one is ideal for a date under the stars.
What? The Classic Pizza - with a drizzle of truffle oil for a kick.
Where? Westin Mina Seyahi, Jumeirah
Price per person: AED 250

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Why? A spongy, thin base. Slightly charred edges. Superltive toppings. Rossovivo is easily one of Dubai's best pizzerias. 
What? Raffaelo - with mozzarella, cream, pistachio, bresaola and basil.
Where? Millenium Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road
Price per person: AED 60 

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Why? This hidden gem in Jumeirah is the perfect place to spend a casual Friday night out with your friends. Generous portions that make their scrumptuous pizzas all the more perfect to share.
What? The Italian Works - with beef pepperoni, ricotta and roasted peppers.
Where? Jumeirah
Price per person: AED 70

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Why? Brandi does one of the freshest tasting pizzas in town. Hand tossed and baked in a stone oven, the outcome for every pie is consistently exceptional.
What? Capricciosa - with turkey ham and green peas.
Where? The Dubai Mall
Price per person: AED 90   

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Sapori Di BiCESapori Di BiCE 

Why? The perfect place to stop to grab a bite after a stroll in Citywalk, Sapori Di BiCE ticks all the boxes: friendly service, laidback vibe and authentic, fresh pizzas. Perfect for a lunch break or a date with the girls. 
What? White pizza - with burrata, sun dried tomatoes and fresh oregano.
Where? Citywalk, Al Wasl
Price per person: AED 100

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The following are the best delivery options to devour in the comforts of your own home. With the winter season looming upon us, it is the perfect excuse to curl up with a good book or an exciting movie, to line up the bottles of Coke, to gather up with your loved ones and indulge in the cheesy, gooey goodness that is a perfect pizza pie. 


800 Pizza800-Pizza

Why? The best delivery pizza guys in the city, 800-Pizza are quick, efficient and professional. With 8 outlets across Dubai, this eatery will cater to you no matter where you live. The pizzas are fresh, juicy and packed with flavours. Call some friends over and order up, you will be sure to impress everyone at your party.
What? Keep it simple and order the Margherita pizza. 
Where? Al Barsha, as well as 7 other outlets.
Price per person: AED 80 

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Pizza ExpressPizza Express 

Why? Hailing from London, Pizza Express has become a firm favourite when it comes to comfort food delivery. Smokey flavours, generous portions and reasonable pricing makes this an all rounder.
What? Calabrese Calzone - folded pizza filled with spicy Italian sausage and chillies.
Where? Jumeirah, as well as 4 other outlets.
Price per person: AED 100  

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Pizza HutPizza Hut 

Why? For those of you who love the stuffed crust American variety, this pizza chain is a safe bet. Ideal for sharing amongst a large group of people, Pizza Hut is perfect for delivery when you have your extended family over and wish to cater to everybody's needs.
What? The Halloumi and Mint Flatbread Family Meal made up of rectangular pizzas. We are also fascinated by the Beef Hotdog Crown Crust pizzas.
Where? Karama, and 27 other outlets.
Price per person: AED 40

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NKD PizzaNKD Pizza 

Why? For the diet conscious individuals out there... don't feel left out! NKD Pizzas offer organic ingredients and healthier options. The best bit? They don't compromise on taste and the grease factor is minimal. 
What? The Mediterranean - with lots of veggies.
Where? Marina, and 4 other outlets
Price per person: AED 40

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... And a little extra!

Nutella PizzaSwitch 

Why? They say you should not mess with tradition - but we are willing to overlook that for Switch. Delectable, sweet and oh-so-indulgent, their dessert pizzas are the perfect way to end a meal of (what else?) pizza pies.
What? Brownie Pizza - with peanut butter and marshmallows drizzled with chocolate. Or the Nutella pizza. Or maybe both.
Where? The Dubai Mall
Price per person: AED 130 

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So... How do you pizza? Share a slice of knowledge with us, we would love to know your story. In the meantime, enjoy this video of a man artfully tossing pizza dough.


By Mayuri Gidwani

Content Editor for RoundMenu


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