Counting Calories? Let Us Show You How To Go Vegan For A Day!

03 Nov, 2014 / Posted By Mayuri

On November 1, we observed World Vegan Day, which commemorates a lifestyle whereby people consume food solely derived from plants. A vegan diet excludes all animal products, including milk, eggs or honey, and has garnered a lot of attention across the world for its long-term health benefits.

Going vegan – even on a weekly part-time basis – has its advantages. Vegans and vegetarians generally have a lower rate of obesity, reduced risk of type II diabetes and cardiovascular diseases than meat eaters. By cutting down your meat and dairy intake you are helping yourself as well as the world you live in. The meat industry causes almost 20% of man-made pollution in the environment. So we are trying a worldwide initiative known as Meat Free Monday where we will attempt to go vegan for one day of the week.

This post is for all the (aspiring) herbivores out there who believe that Dubai lacks a wealth of interesting vegan-friendly restaurants. Say hello to meatless masterpieces and goodbye to tasteless tofus in our round up of the city’s best restaurants that offer beautifully prepared vegan food.



This little pop up shop offers organic, vegan-friendly, raw, gluten-free and sugar-free food. Phew! That’s a lot to chew (sorry). However, Bestro manages to provide all of that without compromising on taste. We love that the staff is so passionate about a vegan, raw lifestyle and this enthusiasm is reflected not only in the impeccable service, but also in the surprisingly sumptuous food. Give this is a go for a refreshingly different date, we are positive this place will convert the most avid meat-lover. 

Vegan pizza: KCal 155 per serving
Regular pizza: KCal 285 per serving
Recommended dish: Asian-style Zucchini and Carrot noodles; Pizza
Cuisine: International
Location: Galeries Lafayette, Dubai Mall
Price per person: AED 50



Sweet ConnectionSweet Connection

If you are in the mood for some indulgence, Sweet Connection is the perfect place for you. The visual display in this little kiosk could entice anyone but the good news is that you won’t feel guilty after eating here: their salads are mouthwateringly delicious and the desserts would be labeled ‘sinful’ if it weren’t for their healthy take on preparing them. Ask them to vegan-ize certain items in their menu for you; they’d be happy to help. 

Vegan chocolate biscotti: KCal 90 per serving
Regular chocolate biscotti: KCal 160 per serving
Recommended dish: the broccoli salad, vegan  double chocolate mocha biscotti
Cuisine: European Café
Location: Mercato Mall
Price per person: AED 50


77 Veggie Boutique77 Veggie Boutique

A quaint little café, vibrant and cosy interiors, and clearly labeled vegan-friendly food make 77 Veggie Boutique an instant winner. This hidden treasure is a new favourite amongst vegetarians and vegans alike because you won’t find yourself short of options here. These guys spin an interesting and healthy twist on some of the classic Asian staples. This is the ideal place to go to during your lunch break or to order food from at the office in the afternoon.

Vegan potato balti: KCal 60 per serving
Regular potato balti: KCal 170 per serving
Recommended dish: Balti Low Fat Potatoes with Aubergines
Cuisine: European / East Asian Café 
Location: Jumeirah Lake Towers
Price per person: AED 80



The FarmThe Farm

We respect the fact that The Farm places an equal importance in pleasing its vegan and vegetarian diners as they do with their carnivorous counterparts, but just for the day try to stick to the meat-free options. Set in a tranquil, green hideaway, it is the perfect weekend breakfast spot where you can detox from the weeklong unhealthy eating habits by tucking into a hearty bowl of vegan mushroom soup and a plate of tofu scramble. What elevates the experience beyond culinary excellence is the surrounding: you truly feel at one with nature in this clandestine café.

Vegan blueberry pancakes: KCal 81 per serving
Regular blueberry pancakes: KCal 170 per serving
Recommended dish: Gluten-free Almond Blueberry Pancakes and Coconut Waffles
Cuisine: European
Location: Al Barari
Price per person: AED 100

Karma KafeKarma Kafe

Many would be surprised by the inclusion of this much-loved Japanese restaurant in our list: Karma Kafé is a massively popular and no one would expect such a mainstream place to offer a niche diet. However, rest assured that this restaurant is actually very accommodating of veganism in its food menu. Aside from the usual vegetarian options, Karma Kafe also has some clearly labeled vegan specialties to offer. Head over to Souk Al Bahar after a hectic day shopping in the Dubai Mall for a light yet scrumptious meal and wash it all down with their incredible sake – they are gluten-free and vegan too (sans gelatin finings). Delicious through and through! 

Recommended dish: Garlic Chilli Edamame; Shiitake Tempura with Truffle Ponzu and  Truffle Shavings
Cuisine: Pan Asian
Location: Souk Al Bahar
Price per person: AED 200


Organic Foods and CafeOrganic Foods & Café

Organic Foods and Café is not only an organic supermarket offering nutritious and cruelty-free ingredients, but it also serves some of the city’s tastiest treats. Every Tuesday you can buy vegan bread here as well as other freshly baked vegan goods. If your company is opting to eat meat, then this place has a plenty of variety in that department too; however, we strongly suggest you encourage your date to partake in your meatless experiment this one time. Trust us, you will feel so light and refreshed post meal that you will make this a weekly ritual.

Vegan carrot soup: KCal 147 per serving
Regular carrot soup: KCal 173 per serving
Recommended dish: Organic Special Beetroot Salad with Toasted Flaxseed; Cream-Free  Carrot and Orange Soup
Cuisine: International Café 
Location: Sheikh Zayed Road
Price per person: AED 80



Sophie's CafeSophie’s Café

Whenever we crave for a healthy, hearty and wholesome breakfast, we head over to RIVA beach, straight in to Sophie’s. Don’t be fooled by its somewhat lonely location; this little gastro-café is variety-rich and offers some of the best homemade-style vegan breakfast dishes in town. We were particularly bowled over by their (gluten-free) smoothies and fresh juices and we believe your little ones will love them too.

Recommended dish: the Morning Glory Smoothie: banana, gluten-free oats, raisins,  walnuts, cinnamon, and almond milk
Cuisine: Gastro-Café
Location: Palm Jumeirah
Price per person: AED 80


So what do you think? Can this city revolutionise the way we consume meat? Can you go vegan for one day in a week?


By Mayuri Gidwani

Content Editor for RoundMenu

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