Celebrate The Chinese New Year with the best Restaurants in your City!

17 Feb, 2015 / Posted By Nishant

The popular Cantonese saying 为了统治者,人民是天堂;来的人,食物是天堂, which means To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven, is something we believe in. This Thursday marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year and to celebrate it, we will take you through a journey of The Chinese New Year Significance, the popular food and The Best Chinese Restaurants in your City.

Whether it’s a dinner or lunch, delivery or Dine in, a family get together or a meal with friends, our list will help you decide where to head and satisfy your taste buds.


The Chinese New Year dates back many centuries. Traditionally, families get together in the evening preceding the New Year for their annual reunion. The houses are cleaned and any ‘ill-fortune’ is swept away to make way for good luck. 2015 in the Chinese calendar is the year of the yang, which refers to both the Sheep and the Goat which is regarded as an auspicious animal.


Then Chinese cuisine has influenced food and eating habits all over the world. Be it chop sticks or hot pots, Chinese culinary traditions have helped introduce Chinese culture into all our lives.


“Chow Mein” is the Chinese version of stir fried noodles. In general, this stir-fried dish consists of noodles, meat, onions and celery.



Dumplings might be the oldest known Chinese Dish to mankind, with its long history of 2000 years dumplings are a traditional food popular in North China, popular filings are meat and vegetables, though modern interpretations also have cheese and other varieties inside them.


Want to eat what over 1 Billion people are eating? Below is our list of The Top Chinese Restaurants in your city!


The Top Chinese Restaurants in

1. Dubai 

Dine In (Click here) | Delivery (Click here)

2. Abu Dhabi

Dine In (Click here) | Delivery (Click here)

3. Cairo

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4. Beirut

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5. Riyadh

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