10 Ways to Scare Yourself Silly (and Have Fun) This Halloween!

29 Oct, 2014 / Posted By Mayuri

Halloween is eerily approaching and it is time to come out to play with all the ghosts and ghouls.

Face-painted children are running amok, knocking on neighbours’ doors and trick or treating their way to candy laden buckets; young adults are fashioning elaborately-designed costumes, geared up for the city’s funkiest-themed night clubs; and coffee shops are pulling out all the stops to sell everything pumpkin-related.

However, not everyone likes a good fright night out, and some of us would prefer to stay in this Friday the 31st to celebrate the zombie-fest that has taken Dubai by a storm in the comforts (and safety) of our home.

We at RoundMenu recommend you do something different this year: gather a few friends, order in some delicious food, and spook yourselves out (or laugh yourself silly) by watching your favourite Halloween flicks. In no particular order, here’s our compilation of 10 most hilarious, ridiculous, and terrifying films you can enjoy.



1. Halloween

This movie is named after the event and is automatically must-watch. A scary ride from start to finish, Halloween will spook the socks off of your guests. You will definitely need a lot of food to settle your shivers after this one. We suggest going all out on a Halloween-themed sleepover party. Hang some festive decoration around your house, order in some themed food and keep a bucket of candies and chocolates ready for those little trick-or-treaters.


Brownie PointNais Italian Kitchen are offering some pumpkin-based items that would be perfect to set the mood: pumpkin soup, pumpkin quiches and pumpkin pies. We are excited already.

Location: JLT
Price per person: AED 60


Brownie Point delivers some exquisite, freshly made black and orange Halloween popcorn to go with your movie. For after dinner, we suggest the "Spook"tacular assorted box with baby brownie ghosts. 

Location: Karama
Price per person: AED 30 


The Exorcist

 2. The Exorcist 

The Exorcist is the ultimate Halloween flick that would make your movie night in all the more memorable. This classic will petrify you and your friends; a perfect excuse to order in some moreish grub to dig into after that frightful experience!

Burger Rebel’s delivery system is on point: order the Asian style chicken slider burgers and they will come to you hot and fresh.

Location: Wafi Mall, Oud Metha
Price per person: AED 90 

Elevation Burger


S’WICH is ideal for the choosiest eaters in your group. These guys really up the shawarma game and make the perfect wraps. The beef is grass-fed and hormone-free, and you can even opt for a no-carb version with a lettuce wrap instead.

Location: Marina
Price per person: AED 50 


Elevation Burger provides the softest, juiciest burgers in town. Meaty and mouthwatering, these will satiate the hungriest ghost in your group. It is open 24 hours, perfect for those burning the midnight oil over Ouija boards.

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road
Price per person: AED 50 


The Silence of the Lambs3. The Silence of the Lambs

This is for the brave souls who can watch the tale of the cold and calculating cannibal Hannibal Lecter without flinching. Order some local favourites for the ultimate comfort post-movie; trust us, you will need to soothe those nerves after watching this flick.

Zaatar W Zeit
is a Dubai staple. Their saj breads are the epitome of satisfaction. Another favourite is their kashkawan cheese and zaatar manakeesh.  

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road
Price per person: AED 75

Zaatar W ZeitMandilicious too serves hearty mandi meals with a protein of your choice. The best bit? Order through RoundMenu and you get free dessert with a combo delivery order. Perfect to pick yourself up after a frightening experience.

Location: Times Square Mall
Price per person: AED 40


Mooyah Burger is one of our top choice: you will cheer up with its generously-portioned made-to-order burgers. The salads are fresh upon delivery and the fries remain crispy. 

Location: Ibn Batuta Mall
Price per person: AED 50 


The Nightmare Before Christmas4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tim Burton’s stop-motion masterpiece is best appreciated with a large group of family and friends. You will fall in love with the protagonist Jack Skellington, and probably watch it again come Christmas! For such an usual and yet beautiful movie, we recommend you have some unusual picks for your guests: something they will definitely enjoy eating but wouldn't necessarily link it to Halloween. 


Baker and SpiceBaker & Spice offers some wonderful themed treats that will keep the little ones happy. For the older company, the lasagna and the grilled prawns are out of the world. Surprise your party by ordering from here, they will not expect it!

Location: Souk Al Bahar
Price per person: AED 100


Little Bangkok is another gem that has been fast emerging in the takeaway market as a purveyor of good food delivery. Our choice is the mixed dim sum platter, and we were bowled over the salmon Neung Manao (steamed fish with garlic, chilli and lime).

Location: Media City
Price per person: AED 80


The Book of Life5. The Book of Life

This animation on the Day of the Dead celebrates the Latin festival in a visually stunning picture that you and your children will fall in love with. Dig into a good old Mexican fodder to commemorate Dia de los Muertos.


Maria BonitaCafé Habana is offering a Freaky Friday with a Fiesta Brunch in honour of the Day of the Dead, where they will be providing some specialty themed savouries. You can also stick to the classics and ask for their mango and shrimp salad and their diablo hot wings.  

Location: Souk Al Bahar
Price per person: AED 120


Maria Bonita Taco Shop & Mexican Grill is our personal favourite for Mexican food; authentic, fresh and well-prepared, you will be an instant hit with your family and friends. 

Location: Jumeirah
Price per person: AED 100


The Addams Family6. The Addams Family

Another favourite, The Addams Family is a hilarious fantasy movie about con artists trying to infiltrate the mysterious Addams family. Watch it with yours this Halloween for a ghoulishly fun time. We suggest you order your family favourites too: Indian, Chinese, anything they can munch on whilst watching this 1991 classic. 


Dum PukhtDum Pukht makes some traditional dum biryanis that will get everyone's palate singing. Go for the mutton biryani and a dum pukht platter for a wholesome feel: the meal with arrive at your place hot and steaming.

Location: Karama
Price per person: AED 60


Chinese Village can do no wrong; every items in their menu is packed with explosive flavours. Whether you go for their signature chicken and fried spinach, or a healthy portion of steamed fish, you will look away from the screen to dig into this one. 

Location: Bur Dubai
Price per person: AED 150 


Edward Scissorhands7. Edward Scissorhands 

Contrary to what you might presume, this is actually a fairytale, not a horror flick. And a very romantic one at that. Watch this poignant love tale with your date for a cosy night in this weekend and order some Japanese to match the zen moment.

Chez Sushi
 has branches spread across Dubai so no matter where you live, your order should be delivered at a reasonable time. In addition, their food is consistently good: if you love your teriyakis and gyozas, this is the place to call. 

Location: Al Wasl
Price per person: AED 100 

Chez SushiSumo Sushi
 is a classic: fast and efficient delivery as well as fresh fish should make this one of your top choices for takeout Japanese. Whilst all of their makirolls are beautifully prepared, the Samurai won over our hearts (and our taste buds).  

Location: Media City
Price per person: AED 80

 offers some large portions of sumptuous rice and noodle-based dishes. Impress your date by sharing a bowl of noodle soup of grilled duck ramen. Their Katsu chicken curry is also a very popular choice amongst diners.  

Location: Sheikh Zayed Road
Price per person: AED 120


Harry Potter8. The Harry Potter Series 

Spend this Halloween on a Harry Potter marathon with your children. These movies feature witches, wizards, goblins and (the best of all) pumpkin juice. 

Caribou Coffee
’s timeless iced pumpkin ginger latte is a Halloween staple. You’ll have to take this one away since they don’t deliver, but the creamy, spicy goodness is worth the trip to the drive-thru.

Location: Deira
Price per person: AED 25 

Hummingbird BakeryThe Hummingbird Bakery
 has come out with special gift boxes containing themed cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla and red-velvet flavours. If you don’t already know, Hummingbird does one of the most intense, moreish and moist cupcakes in town.

Location: Citywalk
Price per person: AED 30


Sugaholic Bakeshop takes orders for special occasions. If you have a large group of friends over with lots of children, we suggest you order themed cakepops in dark chocolate and red velvet flavours. A feat we never thought was possible, but these taste even better than they look.

Location: Karama
Price per person: AED 25


Shaun of the Dead9. Shaun of the Dead 

Incredibly creative and hilariously distressing, this British horror/comedy rollercoaster ride will leave your company in stitches. Have some British grub delivered to yours for an authentic fare.





Rock n Sole Plaice

Rock 'n' Sole Plaice is a fish and chip haven for loyalists. We also recommend you get a few portions of their creamy jacket potatoes with the works. Blooming brilliant!

Location: Al Safa
Price per person: AED 80 


Brick Lane does British Indian fodder to the tee. You should not miss out on the staple chicken tikka masala and the poppadoms accompanied with mango chutney. Gather your friends up, order in some takeaway and wash the grub down with a few bottles of McEwan's ale. 

Location: Al Barsha
Price per person: AED 100 



Ghostbusters10. Ghostbusters

Who you gonna call? The pizza guys! What better way to enjoy this hilarious classic tale of three ghost-removing parapsychology professors than with hot cheesy pies split amongst friends? 

800 Pizza
 does small-sized pizzas perfect for one person if you can’t agree on your toppings. Try their Bresaola and Ruchetta, or go for the Diavola if you love yours meaty and with a punch!

Location: Motor City
Price per person: AED 80


RossovivoRossovivo will cater to the mushroom lovers with their delectable Porcini pizza that has truffle oil, cream of Porcini as well as Porcini mushrooms. We aren’t complaining! Finish off by sharing a chocolate dessert: the Tartufo Nero will win over everyone’s hearts.

Location: Internet City
Price per person: AED 60



By Mayuri Gidwani

Content Editor for RoundMenu

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