Saladicious Deli - JBR This Restaurant Serves Coca-Cola

The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai

About Saladicious Deli - JBR

Saladicious Deli brings the same famously known Saladicious signature salads and an extensive line of freshly made sandwiches with our home baked bread, different variety of unique main courses and soups. As for the desserts, let's say, they will make your taste buds swoon as usual. Saladicious Deli also brings you an extensive line of goods like Olive Oil , Balsamic , Organic Tea , Daily baked fresh bread and lots more in a rang that keeps growing. Buen provecho!

Estimated Price:

(Starter + Main + Drink)

100 AED



Saladicious Deli - JBR Opening Hours

Saladicious Deli - JBR Opening Hours:

Sarah Dec 07, 2014

في هذا المطعم مشيت على راي الويتر ونصحني بالروزيتو فيه قطع ستيك نسيت اسمه بس كان فعلا لذيذ الذ روزيتو ذقته بحياتي

Reema Oct 06, 2014

The crab salad is seriously delicious!

Shaista Aug 19, 2014

The four meat salad is brilliant.

Miro May 24, 2014

Try the sashimi salad. Its so tasty!

Yana Mar 04, 2014

Очень вкусно и нереальные порции.

Mary Jan 25, 2014

Taco salad is huge!! I've never seen this kind of salad's size before! Must to try. Taste is just divine!

Mowrad Jan 18, 2014

check out the salad bar; plenty of vegan protein from quinoa to bean salad to chickpeas, and other exotic dishes like pearl rice and black rice! xD

Mowrad Jan 13, 2014

best darn vegan protein u can get anywhere in Dubai period!

Asma Dec 20, 2013

Expensive with poor food... Wasn't impressed to be honest.

Juliana Dec 14, 2013

Eggs Benedict are yummy

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