Eric Kayser - LG Dubai Mall This Restaurant Serves Coca-Cola

Lower Ground Level, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

About Eric Kayser - LG Dubai Mall

Boutique bakery tradition meets global reputation at Maison Kayser, where the craft of exceptional quality is baked fresh every day. Indulge in traditional French loaves, savor flavors with a local twist, or feast on fine dishes and desserts - however you enjoy Eric Kayser's creations, you'll taste his passion for food.

Estimated Price:

(Starter + Main + Drink)

90 AED



Eric Kayser - LG Dubai Mall Opening Hours

Eric Kayser - LG Dubai Mall Opening Hours:


Simon G reviewed on Jul 29, 2015


Simon G reviewed on Jul 28, 2015

"Good Food, but Strained Service"

jwhitney19 reviewed on Jul 27, 2015

"Not impressed "

wHamze reviewed on Jul 13, 2015


Lea M reviewed on Apr 03, 2015

Barakat Aug 29, 2015

Always great place for late breakfast / brunch

Abrar Aug 20, 2015

محد يقدر يقول سيئ ومقدر أقول ممتاز

Ahmed Aug 17, 2015

طلبت من عنده فوتوشيني وبيني اربياتا طعمه مو ذاك الزود… لاأوصي فيه وطبعا ماراح أرجع له

Jameelah Jul 25, 2015

The service is very slow though they have an abundance of waiters

Abeer Jul 08, 2015

Don't miss their Almond Croissant

Nawal Jun 17, 2015

فطورهم جداً لذيذ ، الفرنش توست والاومليت والقهوة مضبوطة ..

Naif May 23, 2015

Their bread is excellent and its served w complementary Labanah and Zater. The Halomi pot was good despite being a little bit salty.

Hadeel May 06, 2015

خدمة بطيئة جداً .. جربت عندهم الفرنش توست كان محروق من الأسفل للأسف والفواكه مفرزنة مو طازجة .. القهوة الامريكية كانت ثقيلة

Fahim May 01, 2015

Food is average and service is horrible!!

Walid Apr 18, 2015

i agree on the terribly slow service with unwelcoming staff.

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