Al Koufa

Al Nasr Land, Oud Metha, Dubai

About Al Koufa

Blending the traditional and the modern culture of hospitality is the unique forte of Al Koufa restaurant which is one of the largest restaurants in the UAE. The welcome you’ll receive at Al Koufa is like a warming embrace; a lively atmosphere in a traditional Arabic setting.

Traditional Arab music is second to none at Al Koufa, encouraging diners to get on their feet and dance the night away in a jovial mood.

The restaurant is situated on Oud Metha Road, Bur Dubai, next to Al Nasr Leisure-land with a fully indoor seating capacity of 1200 pax. Not only is Al Koufa conveniently situated, but every day of the week offers something appealing to all, with a live band from 11pm to 2am and until 3am at the weekends.

Discover our seafood specialties, Al Koufa specialties and not forgetting the delicious traditional local food that we continuously serve so well.

Cuisines: Arabic

Features: Outdoor Seating, Shisha,

Estimated Price:

(Starter + Main + Drink)

90 AED



Al Koufa Opening Hours

Al Koufa Opening Hours:

Al Koufa

Al Nasr Land, Oud Metha, Dubai

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Al Koufa

Al Nasr Land, Oud Metha, Dubai

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Recommended Dishes: soup

Nice place

Recommended Dishes: soup

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بطبيعه الخليجي يحب التعامل مع الشرق آسيوي المشكله في المصريين لا يوجد ثقه فيه بخصوص الاسعار وغيرها

I did not even enter because they are asking for an entry fee AED 40 per person

Over all very good

The best family place ,,, music ,, food ,,, friendly people ,, during the weekend minimum charch for each adult 120 Ad .

مكان رائع وممتاز أحسن مكان في دبي

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Arwa Jan 23, 2015

Crazy place wallah

Ruena Oct 13, 2014

I only like the general ambience.. Good to be here with family.. Their Breyani is tasty and their grilled food

Abdullah Aug 03, 2014

المكان حلو بس المشكله ان الموظفين حسسوني انهم هيئه

Sundos Jun 15, 2014

دا مو مطعم تاكل فيه ، دا مطعم ترقص و تصفق فيه

Mezoo Mar 18, 2014

الاكل ٥/١٠ - الجو العام لابأس فيه للسهر. يوجد مكان مخصص ل العاب الاطفال مع انه غير مناسب للاطفال. المكان مرتب. اتمنى لكم وقتا ممتعا

Suhail Mar 09, 2014

Follow alkoufa on instgram @alkoufa for more updates

Suhail Jan 27, 2014

My secound home

Lujain Jan 22, 2014

A7laa mkan

Omar Jan 17, 2014

Wsaaaaaaa3t 9dr #lool

Tahani♋️ Nov 18, 2013

أسوأ مكان رحته بدبي ..

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