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Sur Mer

Meydan Beach, The Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai

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About AED 500 per person


Sat-Fri: 12 PM - 3 PM | 7 PM - 11 PM

About Sur Mer

This restaurant has travelled far from its roots in Milan where it started as an eatery way back in 1899. It survived two world wars and emerged unscathed with two Michelin stars, and now it’s in Meydan Beach Club for your dining pleasure. Offering modern interpretations of Italian classics, the flavour combos here are spot-on and the execution is sophisticated. The dishes may veer a bit close to the border of dullsville, so make exciting menu decisions rather than opting for the tried-and-tested. We did that with the grilled octopus tentacle and it was a revelation! Other recommendations are the velvety smooth pumpkin soup with sautéed mushroom – the textures are a perfect medley in your mouth. The langoustine carpaccio also melts away on the tongue. This is delicate food that’s perfect for a classy but pricey date night!

Review and Awards

Review On Nov 09, 2014
Il ristorante che si trova all 'interno del Meydan Beach hotel è bellissimo arredato in maniera elegante e lussuosa e anche il cibo è di ottima qualità, l' unica cosa che mi sento di contestare sono i prezzi che secondo me anche per gli standard di Dubai sono troppo alti....una cotoletta alla milanese con l' osso per quanto buona 60 euro mi sembra veramente esagerato....neanche fosse Kobe....praticamente quattro antipasti, quattro cotolette e quattro drinks 110 euro a testa.....prezzi da ristorante stellato!!!
Review On Aug 21, 2013
Accoglienza positiva. Ristorante molto bello all interno del Meydan Beach Hotel. Piatti abbondanti e carta dei vini per lo più italiana come molti dei piatti all'interno del menù . Un posto in cui andare se vi trovate a Dubai.
Review On Apr 05, 2013
Personale molto preparato,cordiale, cucina ottima, prezzi giusti! Primi ottimi (a sorpresa ho gustato un risotto alla milanese squisito) secondi cucinati alla perfezione.. Un commensale ha scelto un primo e secondo di pesce (vi assicuro che come giudice è severo) ed è rimasto sorpreso dalla bontà e dalla qualità del prodotto. Personalmente consiglio, se vi trovate in zona, di provarlo!
Review On Mar 28, 2013
The food is good, but I have had better, especially in this overpriced restaurant. I experienced Giannino more as a lot of show, instead of concentrating on what it is really about: the food. In a really good food experience you want to share the food with your friends: "Wow, you need to try this". Nothing in this category. Everything was a bit flat. The most disappointing was the dessert: a long description, which contained "banana" and "creme brûlée". As a real creme brulee freak i wanted to try this. When the dessert was served my friends started laughing: in short it were pieces of banana with a layer of hard caramel.... As I started this review, a lot of show, not delivering the promise....
Review On Mar 19, 2013
Simply superb. For an Italian travelling abroad it isn't easy to find a place where the pasta is cooked without that horrible liquid tomato sauce that you always find in the so-called Italian restaurants. On the other ha d you pay for what you get: te bill was high for my pockets. Provided that the quality of te food and service is what I've found, I would recommend it to everyone. Just get prepared at the time of the check.

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