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La Serre

Vida Downtown,
 Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

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About AED 255 per person


Sat-Fri: 7 AM - 11:30 PM

Review and Awards

Carine H
Review On Apr 12, 2018
I decided to try the Bistrot having been many times to the Boulangerie/Coffee shop downstairs (a nice place to have a quick meal or a relaxed pause with friends). We ordered a Rocket salad & Pita and some snails to start. I was chocked by being asked to handle the snails with my fingers. The waiter assured me that I would not burn my fingers but it was too late for that; I had already burnt them. Usually you get a special fork and a special "pince à escargots" which is not that expensive to get. Having lived many years in France, I have never witnessed such a thing as being asked to catch the hot snails with my fingers. After the starters, we ordered one mushroom risotto and some Gnocchis; both tasted good. Service was not up to standards as we were served by at least 4 different persons with a certain lack of coordination and internal communication. Bearing a famous name as that of "La Serre" should encourage the team to keep up with the standards of such a reputed Parisian Establishment. As for the bill, with one drink each and a coffee, we paid Aed 629 after Emaar card discount and having avoided pricey dishes. This review is meant as informative and is based on a one time experience.
Katou A
Review On Apr 01, 2018
Finding a tasty croissant in Dubai is looking like a mission impossible and I was glad to discover La serre at Ripe Market Zaabeel. The croissant and pain au chocolat were amazing and I will definitely go on-site to try their breakfast.
Review On Apr 01, 2018
I dont even know where to start to describe my last experience at la Serre Bistro, because everything was absolutely perfect. The place is beautiful, white table cloths, gigantic chandeliers, huge windows, just gorgeous. The food and the service were fantastic ! Our waiter,Leo, explained us the concept, recommended some dishes from the chef's special menu, he helped us find what would make us later jump out of our seat (yes it was that good) he was very knowledgable and smiley. And all throughout the night Leo, and his 'assistant' Sarah, took care of us, without ever being intrusive, thy were both so gentle and nice. For the food part, well let me put it like that: best food I ever had in Dubai. The snails are just soooooo good, the sea bream ceviche fresh and tasty, the wagyu pizza to die for. Those are only the starters, for main we had something called, I think, 'Celerisotto' which is actually celery coked like a risotto and served inside the celery "shell", so fun and so surprising. In addition we tried, after Leo's recommendation, the T-bone steak, which is to share as it weights over 1kg as I remember. The chef came so slice it for us, excuse me ! and it was tender juicy and tasty I almost leaked the bone... The finish was just spectacular, we had preordered from Sara a Tarte Tatin. I wish I could share with you the smell of this dessert. The taste was as divine as the smell. During the evening a beautiful French lady, forgot her name sorry, passed by to enquire of our evening, once again, she passed by at the perfect moment to to be disturbing but to make us feel important, we could see she really cared. This evening was like a dream, for a moment we forgot we were in Dubai and the team of La Serre transported us in a beautiful French town far from the hustle of this crazy city. So, MERCI !
Review On Mar 23, 2018
French bistrot in the heart of downtown. We went there for breakfast, was crowded but still they managed to serve us. Food was good, just a bit pricy. Nice outdoor space.
Nadine A
Review On Mar 20, 2018
I still remember a time when La Serre was pretty much the best restaurant in Dubai in my opinion. Food, drinks and service were exceptional. Unfortunately, the last several times I have been, the service has been so horrendous that words fail when I try to put it in writing. I somehow keep going for the great food hoping that the service will improve. The last 3 times I was there I spent half my time trying to get the attention of staff instead of enjoying my meal. My last time there I was mad at how long it took to order my meal and how long it took to get them to bring me the right drink after having brought it wrong twice (and charged me for the wrong drinks as well on my bill). It took more than half an hour to get my bill after I asked for it TWICE. By the time I got my bill I couldn't help but laugh at how terrible their service was. I honestly couldn't even say anything to any of the wait staff because I knew if I started I would probably get escorted out by security. It was THAT bad. Unfortunately, I will not be going back to La Serre. Their prices are definitely not justified when you leave there so frustrated that it ruins your night.

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