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الطابق 2، فندق شنغريلا، شارع الشيخ زايد، دبي

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حوالي 200 AED للشخص الواحد


السبت: 12 مساءً - 3:30 مساءً | 7 مساءً - 12:30 صباحًا
الأحد-الأربعاء: 12 مساءً - 3 مساءً | 7 مساءً - 12 صباحًا
الخميس: 12 مساءً - 3 مساءً | 7 مساءً - 12:30 صباحًا
الجمعة: 12 مساءً - 3:30 مساءً | 7 مساءً - 12:30 صباحًا

خصم على الفتوره الاليكارت % 20 من الفاتوره النهائية

خصم على الفتوره الاليكارت % 20 من الفاتوره النهائية

حول جنون

كما التمديد الاول من العلامة التجارية جنون ، وهو ما يعني العاطفة، فإن مطعم دبي يتضمن عناصر كثيرة من أصل مانهاتن ، ولكن سوف تعكس أيضا عنوانه شبه الجزيرة العربية مع المواد الغذائية والمشروبات و الإيماءات الزخرفية للثقافة الإقليمية.

سيتم تمحور القائمة في فلسفة طهي جنون و التركيز على نوعية عالية ، والمكونات المستدامة التي يكون هناك تقارب للمطبخ الهندي ، الذي أعد مع تقنيات الطبخ المرتفعة لانتاج التفسيرات المعاصرة من الطعام الهندي .

و نحو 65 في المئة منه تكرار قائمة نيويورك ، في حين أن ما يبقى لعناصر جديدة تم إنشاؤها لدبي ، بما في ذلك الأطباق على أساس الهامور والروبيان الواسعة النطاق التي المياه المحلية الشهيرة

Review and Awards

Ketul P
Review On Mar 14, 2018
I believe it has now moved to somewhere else in Dubai but we didn't get a chance to visit. If you are planning to come to the Shangri-la, this has now been replaced with a Japanese restaurant called Oni
Ian W
Review On Mar 05, 2018
With out doubt one of the nicest, tastiest Indian meals we have every eaten . We choice the tasting menu with wines , in parts it was more than just food being served , with dry ice being used to freeze deserts I front of you then served at the table . One of the best meals I have every eaten by far
Review On Feb 24, 2018
I tried this restaurant with my family for Eid lunch. It's in Shangri la hotel. The restaurant itself is well decorated and feels high end. We started with 3 kinds of starters which were all extremely disappointing, it didn't had any kind of taste and it was totally wasteful. Then we had 4 kinds of main courses and it was even more disappointing. Not even average but much below average and poor quality of food. Moreover it's very expensive! I can't understand the high rating which this restaurant got it here, however it's not recommended at all
Review On Feb 20, 2018
Everything about this restaurant is top notch! The menu is extensive and everything is prepared with amazing detail. You will get a perfect experience. Their set menu for Dinner was absolutely worth the price.
Mousumi B
Review On Jan 09, 2018
Made a last minute reservation here due to proximity. This is located in the Shangri-La Hotel. It's no where near as pretty or decorated as the one in NYC, but the food and service were impeccable. We had everything from the lamb kebabs to the ras malai for desert which was bought out smoking with dry ice and quite a unique presentation. Could be a place for a nice intimate dinner or a business dinner. Bar area was also great for cocktails before or after dinner.

set menu

تمتع بقائمة طعام ست مينو تقدم حصريا على راوندمنيو