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باب الشمس الصحراوي منتجع وسبا، دبي لاند، دبي

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حوالي 425 AED للشخص الواحد


السبت-الجمعة: 7 مساءً - 11:30 مساءً

حول الحظيرة

اختياراتك لتناول الطعام في باب الشمس تعكس معايير عالمية المستوى في كل من المطبخ والخدمة. من أجرة العربية التقليدية لطهي ببطء الأطباق الهندية، باب الشمس الصحراوي منتجع وسبا يقدم مجموعة من الخبرات الطعام رائعة. الطعام والخدمة وأجواء المطاعم في المنتجع هي علاج أكيدة لذوقك.

Review and Awards


Review On Apr 12, 2018
we all loved AWAD the shisha guy he's a great entertainer .. he was the highlight of our night, the whole family had great fun watching him dance..the whole staff are great, watany is very hospitable, he always greats us and remembers the family well every time.
Ahmad A
Review On Apr 12, 2018
Awesome atmosphere with great singer , band , dancers , Stuff were friendly , Smiling to every one , they love their job !Shisha is amazing Thanks for the Shisha Man “Awad”
Review On Apr 12, 2018
I been to this place more than one time... great atmosphere and hospitality! You won’t regret spending the weekend with friends in this place! P.S shoutout to Awad! He prepares the best Shisha you would ever taste...
widya n
Review On Apr 12, 2018
i visited al hadeerah last night with my friend and i want to share my wonderful experience. they have so many kind of arabic food and so delicious. also the main thing i never forget is the service the staff doing to us was so unexpected. they doing personal touch with us and its so unforgettable. i was so happy and we will come back for another experience in this amazing restaurant
Mohamed S
Review On Apr 11, 2018
Very good ambience , food , dancing shows and excellent shisha ask for Awad and Watany... very helpful and marvellous service Highly recommended

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تمتع بقائمة طعام ست مينو تقدم حصريا على راوندمنيو