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بير شيك

فندق القصر، مدينة جميرة، جميرة، دبي

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حوالي 500 AED للشخص الواحد


السبت: 12 مساءً - 11 مساءً
الأحد-الخميس: 12 مساءً - 3 مساءً | 6:30 مساءً - 11 مساءً
الجمعة: 12:30 مساءً - 4 مساءً | 6:30 مساءً - 11:30 مساءً

حول بير شيك

نزهة إلى البحر على طول الرصيف تزيين الفور يهيئ المسرح للصداقة. Pierchic يخدم فقط أفضل أطباق المأكولات البحرية، وغسلها باستمرار مع نسيم شاف وآراء هادئة من المياه الزرقاء في منطقة الخليج. أنيقة، هادئة وببساطة مذهلة - وهذا هو، بعد كل شيء، تعتبر واحدة من أكثر الوجهات فريد يقع في دبي الطهي.

Review and Awards

Mark H
Review On Apr 11, 2018
The first time we’d been back for 7 or 8 years. A wonderful experience with the best quality food we had during our stay. There is no question that this is an expensive restaurant but so worth the treat. Our group had the Bass, Prawns and lamb. All outstanding..... The quality of service would not be out of place in a 3 star restaurant - our lady was awesome! We took our two daughters who were made totally welcome! Kids menu was also special. If you are planning a special dinner in Dubai, this should be top of your list
Review On Apr 08, 2018
When you have a fabulous setting which this restaurant has in abundance , you can’t sit back and rely on that solely !! When you charge top dollar you have to deliver and they don’t , the food was ok at best .
Review On Apr 08, 2018
The service here is like a joke, from the moment you get there they have no idea what to do, and the waiters are literally falling and bumping into each other due to a clear lack of management and direction. We were served by no less than 8 different waiters? Which made the whole night VERY confusing. The food was horrible, and this is being polite, not one at our table did not have to send the food back... the food was cold, undercooked and very bland. For the price you pay, the food is so so disappointing you won’t understand. The view is great, yeah yeah, but you can get the same from the beach, which would be a much better bet for a good evening! The drinks are way overpriced! The cheapest standing at 90AED, which they, very conveniently did not have the ingredients for, and then, the next one to 100AEd (!!!) oh yeah, did could not really make that either. Really a total rip off. The waitress kept pouring wine into our glasses and then when she finished it, she said “you ALREDY finished this bottle, should I get another one?”. They did the same with the overpriced water, pouring three huge glasses so the last guest get almost nothing, basically forcing the paying customers to buy another bottle.... This was without a doubt the worst experience I have ever had I Dubai. Do not go here! A waste of an evening and your money.
Review On Apr 07, 2018
Pierchic is the most romantic venue you can imagine, magical sunsets, exquisite food, smoking cocktails, amazing views, and incredible customer service. A must for your bucket list...
Review On Apr 07, 2018
Is it possible for the jumierah hotel chain to take a long hard look at itself re the quality and standards of its restaurants! Poor service and bland food prevail all thru these hotels.If you happen to be in half board vouchers scheme then expect to be treated as a second class citizen in most establihments,with a sub standard menu too.

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