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برايم ٦٨ - جيه دابليو ماركيس

الطابق ٦٨٬ فندق جيه دابليو ماريوت, شارع الشيخ زايد، دبي

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حوالي 500 AED للشخص الواحد


السبت-الخميس: 6 مساءً - 12 صباحًا
الجمعة: 1 مساءً - 4 مساءً | 6 مساءً - 12 صباحًا

حول برايم ٦٨ - جيه دابليو ماركيس

رئيس 68 هو جيل جديد من مطعم لحوم، تقع عالية في الطابق 68، ويوفر مناظر خلابة عبر أفق دبي. يجمع هذا المطعم بوتيك العناصر التقليدية من قائمة مطعم لحوم الكلاسيكية والأطباق مع العروض الحديثة التكرير، وضمان وصفة النهائي لتجربة لا تنسى.

Review and Awards

Review On Apr 12, 2018
Unforgetable. The waiters and staff knew their work.. head chef came out to introduce himself to us and spoke about the dishes we had.. spectacular views and manager mr Byron really goes the extra mile for all his guests.
Marc B
Review On Apr 11, 2018
We recently went to Prime68 for a family dinner. We arrived at our reservation time and were seated promptly. Our table was in an empty part of the restaurant ... after 10 minutes of admiring the view we realised that the staff might have forgotten us. After a further 5 minutes we went to look for some staff and it transpired that the person that seated us forgot to tell the waiting staff we were in this part of the restaurant. Once this mistake was discovered the service was unbelievable ... let’s go back to the food. Prime68 has some fantastic steaks ... not a place for vegetarians. We all really enjoyed our meals. We all had steaks as mains and the selection of starts we choose were equally good. I prefer the view from Prime68 compared to the Burj. At Prime68 you are in the middle of other tall buildings and feel more part of Dubai The final touches was a free desert to share to make up for the initial wait. Well recovered or this could have been a pretty bad review I’ll be going back
Review On Apr 11, 2018
Having enjoyed our stay at the Marriott we had high hopes for this in house restaurant. We had booked early, intending to take advantage of the early bird menu. However from the moment we arrived, we were made to feel unwelcome. We were walked through a busy part of the restaurant and taken to an empty area where we remained the only diners for over an hour. Needless to say there was zero atmosphere. We got the distinct impression we had been placed there because we had enquired about the early bird when booking. We were only offered the early bird menu despite not having made a final choice about what we wished to eat and would have liked to at least have had sight of the al a carte menu. We were required to order the whole meal at the same time, including the desert which seemed rather unusual. I ordered a Caesar salad to start and my husband had the meatballs. The Caesar salad was not much more than a large plate of lettuce - no croutons and probably no more than three of four shards of cheese. Totally imbalanced, which I spoke to the waiter about when asked. The meatballs were apparently OK but the portion was huge. For our main course I had ordered the salmon and my husband ordered the tenderloin. He enjoyed his meal. Unfortunately the salmon was bitter and over cooked and the potatoes that accompanied it were hard and also dry. (My husband tasted it too and agreed with me.) When asked how my meal was I advised the waiter I was not enjoying it and both a member of the management and the chef came over and, having heard that I had left some of the Caesar salad, offered to have a portion of sea bass cooked for me. I declined as I was no longer that hungry but it was brought anyway. It did taste better and was definitely hotter and more freshly cooked than the salmon. However no one came back to see if I had enjoyed it. Throughout this, we had a carafe of wine on ice which we had to ask to have poured as our glasses were not topped up for us automatically. Our deserts were then served - when mine was placed on the table I was told it was the cheesecake without strawberries. When I enquired why it was without strawberries I was told it was because I had a food allergy. Earlier in the evening we had been specifically asked by the waiter if we had any allergies as he had been told there was a diner who was allergic to strawberries - we had assured him it was not us! Thankfully my desert was quickly replaced. By this time the evening had lost its way completely and we were keen to leave. The management kindly removed the cost of my meal from the bill but even with that discount I would say the food was overpriced - even the second meal brought to me. As we left we reminded ourselves of a delicious three course meal we had eaten just a couple of weeks previously at a dinner at a British boarding school which had been utterly delicious! A rooftop restaurant at a top luxury hotel in Dubai beaten hands down by school dinners!
Review On Apr 09, 2018
Not cheap, so save this one for a special moment (unless of course you are very wealthy), but then truly savour steak cooked to perfection, served by the most amazingly professional hosts, and soak in the views of Duba from this location close to the clouds. Nice touches mean a lot - knowledgeable waiting staff, and a personal visit from the chef to the table to get feedback. High;y recommended.
Review On Apr 08, 2018
Recently did the 068 Brunch for my husband's birthday. Service at this restaurant is always top-notch. Food was outstanding, it was a served brunch, which we prefer. The courses were plentiful and nicely placed out throughout the hours of brunch. It was a bit on the quiet side, so if you are looking for a "wild" or "loud" brunch, this is not it. It is quiet, more posh & everyone was nicely dressed. An "adult" brunch per-se....

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