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انديجو باي فينيت

جروزفينور هاوس دبي، دبي مارينا، دبي

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حوالي 500 AED للشخص الواحد


السبت-الجمعة: 7 مساءً - 12 صباحًا

حول انديجو باي فينيت

Indego بواسطة فينيت، وقد أدخلت مجموعة رائعة والمطعم الهندي المعاصر جروفنر هاوس دبي قائمة جديدة لذيذة وهو حق مكفول لإسعاد النظامي Indego وداينرز الجديدة على حد سواء.

وتشمل العروض الجديدة الإبداعات ذيذا مثل المأكولات البحرية والكاري والمانجو الخام الأخضر عشب تندوري السمك الراهب، في حين مرشحا قويا مثل سمك السلمون المدخن الرئيسية تندوري الطازجة والقريدس مسلوق في جوز الهند والفلفل الحار قد احتفظت مكانها الصحيح.

Review and Awards

Chelsea s
Review On Jan 22, 2018
Had the most incredible meal with a mate and cannot recommend the food the drink and the staff enough.

Review On Jan 20, 2018
If you want a truly elegant, classic indian dining experience you simply have to try this time-tested favorite in Dubai city. The ingredients are high quality and fresh, without the unnecessary drama that most Indian restaurants have nowadays. The wild mushroom biryani is epic and the paneer is the softest, most fresh I’ve ever had! Without saying the original Chocomosas are the best you’ll ever have!
Review On Jan 16, 2018
Every thing about this meal was superb. We love Indian food and eat it regularly but nothing like this meal. The combination of tastes was fantastic and every dish was fully explained by excellent staff which added to the enjoyment. It was as if all the best components of Indian food had been taken apart and put together again in a new and contemporary way. Choosing a favourite dish would be very difficult because each one became a favourite. As vegetarians we were very well catered for and also as a coeliac (gluten free). Sitting outside on the balcony, overlooking the Marina, also added to the excellent atmosphere. A great evening and we are so looking forward to another visit.
Karin R
Review On Jan 15, 2018
We recently had an amazing dinner here. Very, very helpful staff to guide you through the menu and letting you know you can order very mild or more spicy. Thanks to the recommendation of your nice waiter I tried an Indian cocktail which was so very good. Food so excellent! Every dish was over the top. We appreciated the little tasters courses in between the chosen courses. Amazing outdoor terrass overlooking the marina.
helen s
Review On Jan 15, 2018
I have reviewed this restaurant before and I have nothing to add,it’s fantastic...gorgeous food,helpful staff to guide you through the menu and stop you from over ordering,yet you always do! Lovely environment and within Grosvenor House hotel,itself amazing.One of our favourite places,it never disappoints. Thank you again.

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