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انديجو باي فينيت

جروزفينور هاوس دبي، دبي مارينا، دبي

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حوالي 500 AED للشخص الواحد


السبت-الجمعة: 7 مساءً - 12 صباحًا

حول انديجو باي فينيت

Indego بواسطة فينيت، وقد أدخلت مجموعة رائعة والمطعم الهندي المعاصر جروفنر هاوس دبي قائمة جديدة لذيذة وهو حق مكفول لإسعاد النظامي Indego وداينرز الجديدة على حد سواء.

وتشمل العروض الجديدة الإبداعات ذيذا مثل المأكولات البحرية والكاري والمانجو الخام الأخضر عشب تندوري السمك الراهب، في حين مرشحا قويا مثل سمك السلمون المدخن الرئيسية تندوري الطازجة والقريدس مسلوق في جوز الهند والفلفل الحار قد احتفظت مكانها الصحيح.

Review and Awards

Review On Apr 10, 2018
Amazing evening at Indego. Fortunately we were staying in the Grosvenor House so the Concierge managed to secure a last minute table reservation. From the moment we were welcomed into the restaurant the staff were attentive and welcoming as well as not being too intrusive. We had a lovely outside table overlooking the Marina. The food was absolutely superb and the choices and recommendations were perfect for us. Would thoroughly recommend a visit to Vineet’s - probably some of the best Indian food I have eaten.
Statia B
Review On Apr 07, 2018
I have been meaning to write this review for a long time as our experience was so good here. The attention to detail in this establishment is something else and one for many restaurants to strive for. We went with the manager's recommendations for all courses and were not disappointed. The lobster masala is a dish I will never forget and as I write this I'm thinking that we are going to head back to this restaurant within the next few weeks. The tables are nicely spread out rather than on top of each other which can be common in Dubai. On completing our dinner we asked the manager to give our compliments to the chef and were delighted when he bought the chef to our table to allow us to do this ourselves. The chef was Arshad (apologies if I have got this wrong!!) and he took time to understand what we actually like to eat, some of the Indian dishes we mentioned are not on their menu but he asked us to contact him in advance of our next visit and he would arrange for us to have them there - it's this attention to detail and understanding your customers which really impresses us. We will be back soon and can't wait to try the amazing dishes again. The lobster one will definitely be on our list again.
Karin R
Review On Apr 04, 2018
We had another just amazing dinner at for us the best Indian restaurant in Dubai. Food is over the top as the service. Very helpful staff! This is a restaurant that goes the extra mile for their customers. A bit expensive but so well worth it. If you want to try really good Indian food this is the place.
Review On Apr 03, 2018
When the expectations are set high, and the Chef is decorated with Michelin stars, we sometimes do not really feel at ease...But here, at this fantastic restaurant, our expectations were even surpased by far(!). We chose a set menu with 7 courses...and several individual Special wishes...and they were all met with fantastic Quality and in coordinated time with all others. We were a party of 6 (including 2 teenagers) and all our likes (includind the Level of hot spyciness) were followed. Beyond this...the Food was delicious, and of finest preparation. The plates surprised us again and again, and just left us with only one desire...and that is to return to this outstanding restaurant. Congratulations to Elson Elias on his teams in Service and in the kitchen. It was wondefull.
Review On Mar 31, 2018
Been many times and it always lives up to our expectations. The staff are attentive and friendly especially the manager who always ensures that we have everything we need to enjoy a lovely evening. The food is superb and the tasting menu with wine pairing a real treat. The staff go above and beyond to make sure that everything is perfect. Indian food at its finest in a lovely setting overlooking the marina. Look forward to returning.

set menu

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