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١٢٢ الدور, برج خليفة, دونتون، دبي

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حوالي 680 AED للشخص الواحد


السبت-الجمعة: 7 صباحًا - 10:30 صباحًا | 12:30 مساءً - 3 مساءً | 6:30 مساءً - 11 مساءً

حول ات.موسفير

نمط الحياة الفاخرة يضرب رقما قياسيا جديدا في دبي مع افتتاح هذا الاسبوع من أتموسفير، مكانا راقية تشي تشي وهذا هو أعلى مطعم في العالم في مبنى.

وقال عاملون في أتموسفير، وتقع 442 متر فوق سطح الأرض في الطابق 122 من برج خليفة، أطول مبنى في العالم، ويفتح للضيوف العشاء اليوم، ولكن أي شخص يبحث عن جدول هذا الأسبوع سيتم وضع على قائمة الانتظار.

* يرجى ملاحظة أن نطلب تفاصيل بطاقة الائتمان الخاصة بك لتأكيد الحجز.

مطعم التوقيت:من الأحد إلى السبت

الغداء: 12.00noon - 03:00العشاء: 18:30 حتي 23:00

Review and Awards

Dan E
Review On Jan 16, 2018
Went there last night and had a really special experience. It goes without saying that the view of Dubai from the 122nd floor is spectacular. The cocktails were also very well made with some amazing presentation. Give the "smokey old fashioned" a try for a wonderful drink experience! What made the night though we're the staff, who were incredibly attentive and charming. Muhammad who took care of us was especially brilliant, but they were all great. Thanks for a special night and will definitely be back next time I'm in Dubai!
Review On Jan 15, 2018
This place have great seating possibility to enjoy the view from worlds tallest building, have a relaxing drink and snack. Food experience was also very good. Great mini-hamburgers and tacos.
Review On Jan 14, 2018
You'll need to reserve in advance, but if you have the time and the money, it's a beautiful experience. We timed it to be there during daylight but also caught the sunset and then saw the views at night. We only had drinks, but had a nice table by the window. Note that there is a smoking section, so if you want to avoid that, be specific about your seating request. Don't miss the views from the main reception area and the stairway up to the bar and dining area. It's even better than the upstairs view which gets blocked by all the tables. Enjoy the evening!
Mikaela M
Review On Jan 14, 2018
Elegant atmosphere with amazing view of the city where you can taste delicious food.Good service and friendly staff.
Review On Jan 14, 2018
Instead of going to the observation deck just spend your money on food and drink. The view is great, although Im sure the observation deck is better. (just make sure you book a window seat or you will be disappointed) The service is first class and the drinks menu very good. It is obviously expensive but you are spending money you would have spent on the observation deck. The food is good quality but a little too exquisite for my liking. Im sure it is Michelin Star quality but I prefer simpler food. The scollops were nice and the sauce great, however, the cavier pointless as I couldn't taste it and I like my scollops cooked. The other food was good but Im probably a more simple dishes kind of guy. Im not posh enough for these super fancy chef dishes. They did offer to change my scollops and the waiter was very helpful in taking photographs and advising. I would highly recommend a few hours here.

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