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الطابق الأول، فندق اتش دبي، شارع الشيخ زايد، دبي

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حوالي 500 AED للشخص الواحد


السبت-الخميس: 7 مساءً - 3 صباحًا
الجمعة: 8 مساءً - 3 صباحًا

حول أوكو

إفتتح مطعم ولاونج أوكو أبوابه في عام 2009 ويتميز بتقديم أرقى المأكولات اليابانية مما جعله يربح جائزة "مطعم العام" لأربع سنوات متتالية. يفخر أوكو بتقديم تشكيلة من الأطباق اليابانية الفريدة والتي يتم تحضيرها على يد أمهر الطهاة الذين يتمتعون بشهرة واسعة في هوليوود. وسط أجواء من الرفاهية مع المذاق الجيد يمكنك قضاء أمتع الأوقات سواء في منطقة الطعام او اللاونج بتصميمه الأنيق.

Review and Awards

Review On Apr 03, 2018
This place isn't cheap, but few good sushi places are. Despite being on the high side of price, the food was worth it. Was especially impressed with their dim sum and sea bass, but everything we had was top-notch. The atmosphere is equal to the food.
Konstantinos P
Review On Mar 29, 2018
Had an amazing time in Okku during dinner with excellent service. Recommendations would be the scallops and the soft shell crab avocado roll. One very negative thing to say about Okku would be that noone informs you on the property that you need to pay for the valet until the bill comes. Although AED30 is not too much, i would rather have given it as a tip than a parking fee. Important to say that other restaurants in H hotel such as Play do not charge a dime.
Review On Mar 27, 2018
Chloe S
Review On Mar 26, 2018
We started with a drink by the bar before our meal and the setting was really impressive, the jellyfish inside the bar were a real sight! Our meal started with the edamame beans with truffle oil which were simply the best edamame beans I have ever tasted. The black cod and the kindan cocktail were also highlights as was the passionfruit creme brûlée. The service was exceptional our waiter gave us recommendations and explained a little about the restaurant. It was certainly one of the best meals I’ve ever had, my only negative was that we were prepared for it to be expensive but in comparison with its London equivalents such as Roka it was more that 3 times the price so not as much bang for your buck. Still a great dining experience though.
Dane S
Review On Mar 15, 2018
My wife and I had our heart set on a great Japanese Friday brunch so we looked on TripAdvisor, Zomato and Google to find Okku had what we thought was by far superior. After a drive in from Dubailand we were famished, were met out front by lovely doorman and a valet gent but we were turned away when we found out it only opened at 7pm. Online the instructions were pretty clear and we followed them exactly, arrive at 12h30 for starters and appetizers then lunch will be served at 1pm. Quite a let down and the other options in the Hotel didn't appeal to us. Thanks to social media we found another option not too far away but it was not what we wanted. A let down to say the least.

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تمتع بقائمة طعام ست مينو تقدم حصريا على راوندمنيو