• What is RoundMenu?

    RoundMenu is web and app based service offering a restaurant promotions booking service that comes with exclusive discounts every time you book.

  • How can I use RoundMenu?

    • Restaurants with RoundMenu promotions:
      • Simply search for your dining choice and location from one of our hundreds of restaurants, then select “book” to “dine” and “save” up to 40%.
      • No paper vouchers or booklets are required – you will receive your promotion voucher as an SMS
    • Restaurants with no current promotions:
      • You can search for restaurants by name through our search box, or start browsing a category and then switch the “Filter by Promotions” button off (towards the top of the search results next to the search bar)
      • Once you select “Book Table” we will inform the restaurant of your request and ask them to contact you.
    • Restaurant information including customer reviews, maps and average price are available for all restaurants listed on RoundMenu, whether there is a current promotion or not.
  • What if I am already out? How can I use RoundMenu?

    You can download our free mobile app and search for restaurants by category, or even by those nearest to your current location through our map search function.

  • Why should I book through RoundMenu?

    • Hundreds of restaurants reward you for booking through RoundMenu by giving you exclusive promotions – on average around 25% off your total bill.
    • The promotions will be for your entire group, so your savings will be considerable.
    • There is no limit to the number of times you can book our promotions.
    • You can find restaurants through very easy to use search and browse functionality
    • You can book minutes before going to a restaurant – assuming there is availability of course!
  • Does booking through RoundMenu guarantee my reservation?

    • No – once you book your promotion, we immediately inform the restaurant of your request. They will then contact you to confirm your booking and enquire about any special requests etc.
    • Remember, there are two types of restaurant:
      • Ones that require reservations: these ones should call you as above
      • “Walk-ins”: the majority of restaurants don’t actually accept reservations, so once you have booked your promotion you can simply walk in to the restaurant and show your SMS voucher. Of course, you may have to wait to be seated depending on how busy the restaurant is.
  • What if the restaurant doesn’t accept reservations?

    As stated above, if a restaurant is a “walk-in” – in that it doesn’t accept reservations – you simply walk in to the restaurant and show your SMS voucher.

  • How do I receive my promotion?

    As soon as you have submitted your booking request, you will receive an SMS voucher.

  • Do I need to show this at the restaurant?

    • In the case of reservation-based restaurants, they should automatically add your promotion to your dining bill as the details will be stored with your reservation.
    • In the case of “Walk-in” restaurants you will need to show your SMS voucher upon arrival.
  • How long do promotions last on RoundMenu?

    Our partnerships are generally annual, meaning that promotions you find on RoundMenu won’t disappear any time soon!

  • How long is my SMS promotion code valid for?

    When making a booking you will select a date. The promotion will be valid on that date only.

  • Do I need to be a registered user?

    No, unless you are buying credits via credit card.

  • How much does the service cost?

    • RoundMenu works hard to bring you exclusive promotions, and we charge a small fee of AED 5.
    • If we do not offer a promotion at the restaurant, your table booking request is FREE
  • How can I pay?

    • For bookings of up to 4 people, you can pay through your mobile bill by sending an SMS to RoundMenu (easy steps provided during the booking process). You can choose to pay through a credit card as well by buying on of our packages (hyperlink: http://www.roundmenu.com/ buycredits)
    • For bookings of over 5 people, we do ask that you show a small level of commitment by buying credits using your credit card (hyperlink: http://www.roundmenu.com/ buycredits)
  • I made a booking but I have to cancel it. What do I do?

    You can cancel the booking by calling the restaurant. We usually list the restaurant telephone number within restaurant information.

  • If I cancel the booking, do I get my money back?

    • If you cancel the booking we do not make a refund.
    • If the restaurant requires a reservation, and they are fully booked on the date that you requested, then we do refund the fee back to your account (in this case you do need to register for us to be able to refund)

If you still have questions you need answered, contact us at info@roundmenu.com

Bon appétit!

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