Zafran - Marina

Level 2, Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai

About Zafran - Marina

Zafran offers contemporary Indian cuisine in an elegant, vibrant setting. The menu has been inspired by internationally acclaimed Michelin starred Chef Atul Kochhar and boasts of traditional Indian cooking styles fused with international ingredients and presented like never before. Zafran has recently opened at Dubai Marina Mall offering stunning views of the Marina from the terrace.

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(Starter + Main + Soft Drink)

100 AED



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Review On Aug 22, 2016
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Review On May 09, 2016
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Review On Apr 13, 2016
Brilliant food and amazing service


Jatin Reshamiya
Review On Sep 08, 2015
Good food, Good ppl, Good place
Łäkhbïr Kärïr
Review On Jul 28, 2015
(Łäkhbïr Kärïr had no comments)
Shirad Salaheddine
Review On Feb 02, 2015
We are regular customers at Zafran Dubai Marina.

This past weekend everything changed.

The food is still good but hospitality is terrible!

The Indian waiter was disrespectful, indirectly pushing us to order meals and drinks we don't want. My wife took her time to choose her drink, meanwhile the waiter was ticking his pen very fast impatiently. When we told him to stop & give us couple of minutes, he aggressively left us.

I asked a second waiter to serve our table instead and to notify the manager of the other's behavior. He told the manager, who did not seem to care! After several minutes, he approached us and asked if the food is good. I was disappointed, but we told him about the incident. He said 'sorry' and quickly left!

The first waiter kept clicking his pen a dozen of time per second every time he passes.

It was really annoying and disappointing!
Anup Kulkarni
Review On Nov 24, 2014
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Review On Aug 11, 2013
IT was an amazing experience dining @ Zafran, Dubai MArina.
The food was excellent, ambience and service was good and the view was extraordinary.
Sharon al
Review On Jun 25, 2013
Was not the best Indian food I've had but convenient for being in a mall

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