Pizza Hut - Al Ghurair

Al Ghurair Centre, Al Rigga, Deira, Dubai

About Pizza Hut - Al Ghurair

Over 40 years and billions of pizzas later, we like to think we know how to do GREAT FOOD! Here's the low down on us, where we're going and how you can share in our success. Pizza hut one of the most favorite pizzas in UAE. Pizza Hut !

Cuisines: Fast Food

Features: Delivery, Quick Service,

Estimated Price:

(Starter + Main + Drink)

40 AED



Pizza Hut - Al Ghurair Opening Hours

Pizza Hut - Al Ghurair Opening Hours:

Nice place to hang out / dinner. I love specially the salad counter and make sure i get it everytime. Staff r nice and smiling, but sometimes takes lot of time for taking order or giving the bill...but thts ok...frequent customer.. :)

Special thanks to Salim Hamoudi and his staff for treating as VIP every time we visited Pizza hut for Dine in..the Service was extremely amazing...

Your service sucks! Everytime I receive an order it's different from the one I place on the phone. The employees don't even have the courtesy to listen to your order completely. Everytime, I am not even exaggerating, EVERYTIME, something is missing. I have been trying to explain to this phillipino on the phone, I want extra potatoe wedges and all she says is are you okay with the garlic bread ma'am? How is that even possible? Is it that hard to understand? We are vegetarians and we receive pastas with chicken bits in them when it clearly says on the bill, 'veggie baked pasta'. If we call back, they take another hour to pick up and nobody actually picks up the line where it's says 'for any suggestions and complaints, please press 3' . It's really getting out of limits. I'd appreciate if you took a look your employee phone service in the pizza hit al ghurair centre branch.

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Farri Oct 28, 2015

& am again at pixxa hut cox datx ma 1st priority Yummyfull pixxa

Farri Aug 21, 2015

Havin my b'day wid pixxa hut ..... Nice atmosphere

Farri Dec 07, 2014

Havin some yummyfull pixxa wid frnd n havin uni form am so xcited...

Shyne Aug 16, 2014

Mojito Classic ♥

Farri Jul 31, 2014

Itx awesome place n atmosphere n da pixxa wax superb

Sarah Jul 14, 2014

They got the tastiest salad ever especially the one with the nachos.

Zahoor Ahmad Jun 26, 2014

Worst experience, don't feel very good

Feroze Feb 22, 2014

Open till 4am. Always crowded. Can't expect best of services

Jhonny Dec 14, 2013

Choose the mediteranian

Shabbir Aug 03, 2013

One of the best pizza hut in the town

Irfan Oct 28, 2012

Poor service..

Ali May 28, 2012

Customer service and table hygiene are some thing you can never be happy here with!!

Siraj Feb 17, 2012

Stupid pizza

Jesse Feb 22, 2011

Pizza Hut - never disappoints me. Go for the salads if you're on a diet. Or just go for everything if you're on a "wanna get some weight diet".

Marvin Oct 15, 2010

Due to some circumstance, this branch was transferred to Al Ghurair City. Still the same old pizza.

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