Khan Murjan Restaurant

Khan Murjan Souk, Wafi City, Oud Metha, Dubai

About Khan Murjan Restaurant

"Khan Murjan has a huge menu of expertly cooked dishes from across the region, live entertainment and a charming setting with bags of atmosphere”, said the judges of the winning restaurant. "Choosing a winner was particularly tricky, but ultimately we settled on newcomer Khan Murjan. With live music and entertainment, we couldn't be more charmed, and the space, designed to resemble the 14th-century Baghdad souk, has no shortage of atmosphere. But it's the food that ultimately sold us.

The menu is massive, and incorporates food from all over the Middle East and North Africa. Regardless of what we've ordered (and we've sampled a hefty percentage of the menu), we've never experienced a dish that is anything short of spectacular”.

Estimated Price:

(Starter + Main + Drink)

150 AED



Khan Murjan Restaurant Opening Hours

Khan Murjan Restaurant Opening Hours:

Meh. Had heard great reviews but wasn't that impressed with their iftar...

very bad staff no smile unfriendly staff

Recommended Dishes: negative expression from the staff very bad and it is matter of pay

Good location .. Good service .. Good food

Very nice and the best

Recommended Dishes: all food

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"Fantastic place! Superb Middle Eastern Cuisine & Great Atmosphere"

PaulKGB reviewed on Jan 31, 2016

"A Memorable Trip to Old Damascus!"

DimasR reviewed on Jan 30, 2016

"Best Environment, Worst Food"

Muhammad Shahid R reviewed on Jan 29, 2016

"Great atmosphere and authentic food"

SK6 reviewed on Jan 26, 2016

"We keep coming back!"

David D reviewed on Jan 23, 2016

Shekha Mar 12, 2015

أحلى مكان فيكي يا دبي

Toutti Oct 08, 2014

البطاطا الحره رائعه

Shekha Jun 16, 2014

ما فيه زي أسامة و الفرقة

Eman AA. Jun 12, 2014

كل شي عندهم حلو جربوا الششبرك ومحاشي مشكله ولا تفوتكم الشييشه

Nounna Feb 02, 2014

Great place great atmosphere great shisha great foooood

Lin Oct 04, 2013

Beautiful atmosphere and it is very suitable for families. Delicious food and amazing shisha.

Hani Sep 12, 2013

لازم تختار طاوله قريبه من المطرب عشان تسمع كويس ... غير كدا مع الزحمه واصوات الناس محا تسمع وتنطرب

SeCReT Sep 09, 2013

هذا المكان خياري الدائم والمفضل ؛ لا تستطيع ان تجد ما تنتقده ؛ الاكل والاجواء والشيشه والخدمة والثلاثي الذهبي اللي يشنفوا مسامعنا بالطرب الأصيل

Ahmed Sep 01, 2013

Nice food , delicious

Alanoud Aug 15, 2013

الجلسة لحالها جميله ♥ تحسسك باجواء لبنان .. الاكل بشكل عام جميل ، بس الكشري حكايه ثانية ♥

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