Armani / Amal

Armani Hotel, Downtown Dubai, Dubai

About Armani / Amal

Armani/Amal is not only unlike anything in the designer hotel, it's also unlike anything in Dubai. Diners will be asked by one of the Armani chaperones if you'd like to sit for a couple of minutes in the pre-dinner lounge and listen to some live sitar music.

It is perhaps the best presentation of live music we've ever seen in an Indian restaurant. Moving onto the food, mains like sea bass moilee is perfectly cooked and well spiced (but there was far too little of the gravy for our liking).

Estimated Price:

(Starter + Main + Drink)

350 AED



Armani / Amal Opening Hours:

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The ambience is excellent and the staff is superb but I didn't like the bread section at all. The masala kulcha needed more seasoning for sure.

Best Indian meal experience ever

Food was very very good and the service was beyond amazing.

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Outstanding Indian food & restaurant - Highly recommended

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The food was excellent, and the views from the Terrace we stupendous. The only comment we have was that it was also stupendously expensive

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Very good food, excellent hospitality, nice ambience and complete fountain view

One of the best meals and surroundings I have ever been to. I eat out alot in London at many top restuarants and quite frankly the Armani Amal was outstanding in comparison

Wonderful dining experience with food that was delicious. Staff attentive and the view from the table was unforgettable. Would seriously recommend.

(Vijita had no comments)

Amazing service and great food.

fantastic food and hospitality. u will get a free cake if u mention, thats to celebrate birthday or anniversary

(nouf almoutairi had no comments)

Excellent venue and food. It deserves its number 1 ranking.

(BJ Rangi had no comments)

Everything was amazing

If you do go, get a table on the terrace so you can see the fountains. The food was mediocre and the waiter convinced us to purchase twice the amount of food that any couple could possibly consume. When I asked to take the leftovers away they made me sign and date various disclaimers to say that I wouldn't sue the restaurant if I got sick. This is clearly a lesson learned for them and not an advertisement for the cleanliness of their kitchen.

We went for our anniversary dinner. The welcome from the restaurant was warm. They put us in the balcony from which we could see the famous 'dancing fountain'. Food and services were impeccable. It was an exceptional experience. We will go there anytime!


(Andrea Pugh had no comments)

Excellent food the best Indian food ever tasted.

The atmosphere and service were great! I give it 4 instead of 5 is because I think there were few things that I think could have been improved on. Being grown in an Indian family, I have always had traditional Indian food. The thing that excited me about going here was their"modern twist" on it. However, I felt as the food was very close to traditional and they can further experiment with it to give a unique flare. Don't get me wrong the food was great! It just wasn't as different/unique as I would have expected it to be. I also looked forward to the live band, however, they were on vacation :( Overall, a great experience! The highlight of the place is that you can see the water fountain show that occurs every half hour from inside the restaurant or even step out to get a better view!

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One of the best places in Dubai

(Mehdi had no comments)


awesome place and excellent food. a must visit

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(Ahmed had no comments)

Excellent food, exemplary service - the best anniversary dinner ever! We will be going back for more special occasions!

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"Anniversary dinner"

IK K reviewed on May 23, 2016

"relaxing environment"

Swapna M reviewed on May 22, 2016

"Nice to eat "

Faisal G reviewed on May 22, 2016

"Vegan/vegetarian heaven"

Lenka J reviewed on May 22, 2016

"A Near-Perfect Evening Foiled"

Gitanjali S reviewed on May 21, 2016

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May Mar 17, 2014

Talk about a splendid interior mixed with elegance and tasteful design. The ambience is cool and quite upscale for 'mall' restaurant. Sheer delight for coffee lovers like myself

bella♚ Sep 29, 2013

كفووو❤ niceeeee️

Joy Aug 21, 2013

The food is delicious, pick anything from the menu. But GulabJamuns are a must. Try getting a fountain-view table for a memorable experience.

Mohammed Aug 21, 2013

Lovely cafe

Maramy Aug 16, 2013

الواضح ان اغلب الناس الي تجيه و تاكيه عشان الاسم و الترزز #هياط ☺ عالعموم الاكل طيب والكوفي مو ذاك الزود!

Mashael_A.S8 Jul 01, 2013

Was there 2 days ago

Alla Jun 26, 2013

The most beautiful place ❤❤

ABDULLAH Jun 01, 2013

Best Desserts in Dubai

Red Jun 01, 2013

The best place to have the tastiest Deserts ;)))) multi Bueno

Essa Apr 02, 2013

You should try the Chocolate fondo, its a MUST!!!!!

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