Tarbouche al Basha

Ground floor in Main Atrium, World Trade Center Souk, Abu Dhabi

About Tarbouche al Basha

Discover Lebanese delights at Tarbouche Lebanese restaurant. When a restaurant has nine different variations of hummus on their menu, you know they take as much pride in their dips as customers take pleasure in them. The moutabbal, drizzled in virgin olive oil and with the topping of pomegranate seeds give the perfect contrast of tangy-sweet to the heavier flavours of aubergine and tahini.Tarbouche al Basha won the Best Budget Restaurant Award for 2012 from TimeOut Abu Dhabi!

Estimated Price:

(Starter + Main + Drink)

75 AED



Tarbouche al Basha Opening Hours

Tarbouche al Basha Opening Hours:

great food and service!

Testy food , very good service and good price

Food is great.. it's hard to mention dishes that would be less that perfect.. portions are pretty good and satisfying .. Tanoori (naan) bread my personal favorite there always freshly made..

Recommended Dishes: arayes (cheese & meat mix), Lebanese appetizers (hommos, mutabbal, baba ganouj), pizza in tanouri bread, shish tawouk, sujuk, falafel.

you feel like you are eating in you home, staff are very nice and helpful

Recommended Dishes: Kebbeh, Fatteh, everything

Great food, superb quality, kind and helpful staff, we'll come again soon

Excellent food but very bad service

Recommended Dishes: # kebabwithlaban

Bad service and equipment cheap and old.

الوجبات الرئيسية جيدة جداً المقبلات جيدة و الخدمة و الضيافة ممتازة

Love everything about Tarbouche! One of my favorite restaurants!!

Recommended Dishes: Hummus, Grilled items

Nice place to gather with the family specially for breakfast and lunch. have a nice terrace at the roof where you could enjoy a shisha after having lunch at the main restaurant downstairs

Recommended Dishes: Al Basha Kebab, mix Arayes, Sujuk

This is a lovely place to dine. The ambience relaxing and the food is mouth watering especially the kabbabs filafel and the arayes.

This is a lovely place to dine. The ambience relaxing and the food is mouth watering especially the kabbabs filafel and the arayes.

I ha gone to thst place 4 times. Overall experience is ok. Limited menu,staff are friendly, prices vary somewhst even with exactly same menu. For 15 percent even when you order same menu exactly for the same people in 3 evenings. Still ok

Nice place to eat simple but fresh and well done dinner Luigi

It was very nice

Very nice and the staff are friendly

The food was okay but the service on the rooftop was terrible!!!! We waited soooooo long for every single simple request. Our sheesha ran out if coals and we asked several times for more and never got them.

it was very nice

مطعم ممتاز جدا و اطباقه لذيذه

*السعر الموجود بالإنترنت ليس نفس السعر الموجود في الواقع. *حجزت عن طريق موقعكم ولكن الحجز لم يتم. *المطعم جيد والأكل لذيذ ومنوع وأتمنى ان يتم اضافة المزيد من المشروبات والأكلات الغربيه. *بالمجمل المطعم يستحق الزياره

Perfect. .Thank you!

While i did not receive the discount (i forgot to show the waiter the text on my phone) i did not care. The price was well worth it. This is by far the best Arabic restaurant in Abu Dhabi. The ramadan buffet is excellent if you can resist going a la carte. If you go al la carte do not miss the best lightest fluffiest falafel anywhere, the sumptuous assortment of mixed grills, the incredibly fresh hand squeezed pomegranate juice, the delicous naan bread, and the numerous hot and cold mezze. Top quality ingredients, real attention to detail, and very attentive service.. all in a beautiful atrium environment with easy and free parking right beneath it. Really hard to beat and a refreshing change from over-priced hotel options...

الحمص شين البطاطا الحره شينه البيتزا مارقريتا شينه المشويات حلوه الزيتون حلو البيبسي حلو المكان حلو الخدمة حلوه ( فلبينيات) وعدتوني بخصم وسحبتو علي فانتم شينين زي الحمص

من اجمل المطاعم الوجودة في ابو ظبي .طعام لذيذ وخدمة ممتازة

the food was very delicious thanks

Delicious Lebanese food. Portions are very generous and the salads are always fresh and delicious. Try the Naan bread instead of Arabic bread with your hummous or moutabal for a tasty and filling change.

Good food and nice, relaxed environment. Excellent value for money!

it's a quiet place, with a good service

start having family dinners packages per person

The food is fresh, great place to be healthy. Salads are filling.

Excellent food & service

It was wander full

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"Great Value"

Miggs M reviewed on Feb 04, 2016

"Another tourist type eatery"

figsbury reviewed on Jan 10, 2016

"Dinner here"

KCANAND reviewed on Dec 25, 2015


LondonXYZ1973 reviewed on Dec 16, 2015

"Wonderful for lunch"

Jeff M reviewed on Nov 28, 2015

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Enrique Jun 29, 2015

Best middle eastern food I've ever tasted....

Christos May 14, 2015

Try naan bread,sujuk,hummus,Egyptian kofta,falafel and basically everything tastes amazing.best Lebanese restaurant in town!

Carol Mar 09, 2015

Pão árabe maravilhoso, nunca comi algo assim. Peça cafta.

Habibo Feb 11, 2015

Falafel, Kobab, Hummus, and their Mazzah are the best!! Going back for more for sure!

Nasir Aug 17, 2014

Great falafel

Mohamed Salah Aug 07, 2014

Good food,you wouldn't want to miss their Nan bread , the usual Lebanese food is good , service is very good , ask for their complementary rice pudding

Dina Apr 25, 2014

Big portions for 1 person! I advise u order as min as possible.I recommend: -One plate with 2 kabab halabi strings&1 shish tawooq string -Hummos -Salad -if u like Falafel ask for half portion(4 piece)

Dina Apr 25, 2014

My Recommendations: 1. Fatouch/Taboule/Seasonal Salad 2. Hommus 3. Mutabal 4. Falafel Plate 5. Naan Bread 6. Kabab Halabi 7. Shish Tawooq 8. Kebba 9. French Fries (quantities for 2-3ppl)

Racha Nov 14, 2013

Very good food at reasonable prices.. Big portions, healthy and a big variety to choose from

Wahib Sep 22, 2013

Lovely staff

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