Gelato Divino - The Mall

Near Spinneys, Ground Level, The Mall, Old Airport Area, Doha
Gelato Divino - The Mall

حول Gelato Divino - The Mall

Gelato Divino, originally a small family-owned ice-cream shop in the beautiful town of Alba in the North-Western Piemonte region of Italy, has only become internationally famous since the first expansion outside of Italy started in 2009 in the United Arab Emirates.

Gelato Divino’s Authentic Italian ice-cream is produced fresh on daily basis in every countries’ own fully HACCP certified production facility. This is the key to Gelato Divino’s success, that we produce the Gelato fresh everywhere in the world.

Our signature recipes for gelato, which translated from Italian means “ice-cream” but is very different from ice-cream, use only natural ingredients and is prepared with less air and fat than commercial ice-cream. Till today the base ingredients of our Gelato come from the home-town of Gelato Divino, Alba in Italy!

Our specialized chefs can create over 150 different flavors of Gelato with almost any ingredients, even special ones like Ginger, Lemongrass or Parmesan Cheese! Gelato Divino is the perfect dessert after any meal and is also a wonderful snack at any time of the day. Our fresh heavenly delights are guaranteed to put a smile on your face with every single delicious bite!

There are many health benefits of Gelato in comparison to traditional ice-cream and our Gelato Divino specifically has got the following health benefits:

100% vegetarian as we do not use eggs in our gelato recipe.
100% Halal.
No added fat and it naturally contains 50% less fat than commercial ice-cream brands.
We use only low-fat fresh milk for our Gelato.

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Gelato Divino - The Mall

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