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I wanna thank each & every staff of the restaurant.They were all courteous & helpful.Thank you for the nice cake he didnt expected that..He thought that it was just a dinner.We love ...

Riza, March 05, 2015

Fine italuan food, great ambiance when sitting outside.

Patrick Keizer, March 05, 2015

mouth watering food.... excellent service ... good ambiance

Nisha, March 05, 2015

Good food but be aware that there is an area in the dining compartment where the glass is defective and it will obscure the view.

Jay, March 04, 2015

Amazing food and amazing service. Nice little hidden gem!!!

KAMA BELLER, March 04, 2015

Nice atmosphere and the food is really great!

Aiman Shaikh , March 04, 2015

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