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Pascal Tepper

Pascal Tepper
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Dubai Media City, Dubai

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tripadvisor 4.0 of 5 stars 11 REVIEWS
  • "not bad but is it really french?"

    3 Reviewed 2014-06-13 07:33:30 By laurent t

    I have been to Pascal Tepper quite a lot of times. it is a decent place and I would recommend the "plat du jour" (in french). They used to be quite/very expensive back in the days when they opened, but now they adapted the prices and it is OK. But, and there is a but ... I have three major concerns about this place: - the bread and pastry is nothing but ordinary. Pascal Tepper is "1er ouvrier de France" as everyone can see, but I strongly doubt that he provides the same quality in France than in Dubai. The croissant/pain au chocolat and usual french pastry is average, and the bread is average. I am not saying it is bad, but you could expect much better. Actually you can find much better (french) bread in Dubai, and from people who dont claim to be "meilleur ouvrier de France", just good normal bakers ... ;) - when you order some typical french stuff, it is over rated ... one good example is the "salade de chèvre chaud" aka hot goat cheese salad. I got 5 grams of goat cheese and 2 kilos of lettuce. This is not good. So if you wanna do it like in France, put a decent amount of goat cheese Mr Tepper. In the end the goat cheese salad has a very good margin I believe. In the end, the place is Ok, but it is not what it claims it is. And they could do much better. Instead of that, they use the "french cuisine touch" to attract people and sell average food. A bit disappointing.

  • "Amazing iced tea and food"

    5 Reviewed 2014-06-05 09:51:35 By Chefgusncha

    Visited pascal tepper yesterday evening. The range of organic iced teas are very impressive. Delighted with the ice tea dispensing contraption they have which ensures freshess and flavor. The tea with a blend of spices is mild yet full of flavor. Perfect in every way. The wagyu burger was succulent, perfectly cooked and had the right fillings inside- pickled beetroot, turkey bacon etc which perfectly complimented the burger. Beef lasagne was also very flavorful perfectly balanced. Very good food and appealing atmosphere. Will definitely go back.

  • "Solid food and service"

    4 Reviewed 2014-05-28 06:40:57 By mnn22

    This restaurant is right next to my office, so I am there a lot. The food is good, if a little pricey and the service is always friendly. I like the eggs Benedict and the take away sandwiches are good. Also have good pastries - I just wish they would bring back the cheescake!

  • "Good location, quick service"

    4 Reviewed 2014-03-06 21:17:32 By dolomoto

    The wagyu burgers were very good and came out quickly. The two of us took a seat on the small patio and promptly received menus. Our burgers arrived in a fair amount of time and were done correctly. I prefer a bit more seasoning, still it tasted good... meaty and juicy. The beet added a nice taste and the fresh bun was excellent. The presentation was good and indicative of the gourmet price. Sadly, the fries appeared to be straight off the food service truck (why go to the trouble to serve Wagyu burgers to sully the plate with tasteless fries?). The bathroom was modern and kept to a high standard. Bottom line: a solid choice for a good burger in the city

  • "Absolutely great!"

    5 Reviewed 2014-01-11 10:27:49 By Servicexcellenc... B

    We explored the place during the last days of Ramadan and to our delight, the bakery served breakfast, lunch and dinner during the holy month too. Up on arrival, the place was well occupied and we still managed to get a quiet place on the back of the restaurant, where we could observe everything at the same time. Perfect. The decor of Pascal Tepper looks simple at the first glance but the carefully chosen colours and merchandise products, food displays and accessories match perfectly and give the place a unique style. It does not look like a typical French bakery, not like one would imagine thinking of France. It is a unique, stylish French bakery in the heart of Dubai, and this is also what the design portraits. Once we were seated, the first waitress approached us immediately, wished us a “good morning” and asked if we wanted to have late breakfast or prefer to choose from the lunch menu. We ordered a cappuccino and a berries smoothie, and asked her to coma back a bit later for the food order. While waiting for our beverages, we started to observe the happening. All guests were in a good mood, it felt like holidays. The staff was too. Not in a holiday but in a very good and happy mood. Literately everyone working at Pascal Tepper, was smiling, laughing, joking with guests and one could tell that everyone enjoys the job. What a delight. It does not happen too often that everyone in one establishment has such a pleasant smile. Great. Our beverages were served and we placed our food order. A burger, medium with French fries and a toasted white bread sandwich with spinach, goat cheese, egg plant and assorted salad on the side. The charming waitress, smiled (of course she did) and complimented us to the great choice. What a nice touch. The coffee was as expected served with a perfect milk foam, the berries smoothie tasted fruitful and refreshing. So far so good, but the experience at Pascal Tepper became even better with time. While enjoying our lunch, another waiter passed by, Mr. M. He introduced himself and asked about our well – being. While talking to him, we saw that not only the service staff took great care of the guests, also the Chefs came out of their open show kitchen to check if the food served was up to satisfaction. Great. Good quality of food and beverages, interaction with guests, a great atmosphere and service with a smile. Nothing left to say then, Pascal Tepper the French Bakery, is a great place to enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a great cup of coffee with freshly baked pastries. The service is great and one can tell it comes from the heart. We enjoyed the visit and say thank you for such a great experience and will be back. Keep exploring, SEB


Rating: 8.2/10
  • AyşeMay 03, 2014

    Yediğimiz yemek on numaraydı ;)) limonatada öyle...

  • MariaFeb 16, 2014

    If your fresh pineapple juice is not fresh, don't try convincing me that it is. Don't teach your father how to fuck.

  • RamiFeb 03, 2014

    They offer amazing selection of yummy and freshly baked Viennoiserie, and their Corque Monsieur (Saumon/Salmon) is a must have. It's out of this world!

  • DeryaJan 21, 2014


  • RoulaDec 11, 2013

    Couldnt have eggs or any of the breakfast items at 1:00 PM because the chef is really busy!! Isn't he supposed to be??

  • RosyDec 11, 2013

    Very nice food and good mix of people!

  • DinaOct 22, 2013

    Yummy seafood salad

  • MenaJul 31, 2013

    Open during Ramadan!

  • LynnJun 14, 2013

    Brunch goes on till 3pm, not bad at all!

  • CristinaApr 21, 2013

    Our canteen!! Great food, friendly staff. Must try their brunch!

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