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OPTIONS by Sanjeev Kapoor

OPTIONS by Sanjeev Kapoor
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Ground Floor, Convention Centre Office Tower, Dubai World Trade, Dubai

Estimated Price: (Starter + Main + Drink)

150 AED



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Coca Cola
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tripadvisor 3.5 of 5 stars 29 REVIEWS
  • "Waste of money, time & energy to eat such terrible food!!!!!!!"

    1 Reviewed 2014-06-19 12:12:36 By shivajimuk

    My wife & me very recently visited the Options by Sanjeev Kapoor at the Movenpick Deira hotel. The ambiance was decent being part of such a beautiful hotel. We went on a Friday for brunch. The restaurant was not crowded at all with most of the table were empty. We were given a corner table at an isolated corner which I thought was okay. There were no tissues or napkins on the table & we had to ask for them. However we only got 4 tissues. The food had a small spread. It being brunch we thought it would have a Egg counter, tea & coffee along with other food. We couldn't find any of these. We were later told that tea & coffee were chargeable and not part of the buffet. All we could find is cold & stale bread pakoras, some aloo paratha with chole which were not palatable at all. These were the so called breakfast items included in the brunch. The main course included a chicken starter & a fish starter which were also cold & most importantly tasteless. The fish had absolutely no taste & felt like eating rubber. The main courses had some gravies which were deep red in color & again not appetizing at all & bland. The only saving grace to a certain extent was the Mutton Biryani which was edible but again nothing exceptional. There was a chat corner which I felt was okay but not outstanding. The desserts were a disaster. It seemed the entire efforts had gone towards presentations & not the taste. There were plenty of desserts to choose from, but all of them were very poor on taste. Most of them were served in shot glasses but as far as taste went, I would give it 1 out of 5. The Gulab Jamun's & Rasgulla's were smaller than Marbles & were stale. The Mango desserts didn't taste of Mango & seemed artificial. There was firni, Kheer, Mousse, custard etc etc Overall we had a very bad time at that 5 star restaurant which is so hyped. Good for non Indians who probably would not feel the difference in terms of taste. I would not recommend anyone to pay such a premium amount & eat such bad food.

  • "Expensive Indian restaurant but excellent food to experience"

    4 Reviewed 2014-06-13 08:55:55 By VinodKeshava

    Options is located in Convention center ground floor and has a very great ambience. The staff are courteous and choices are many. The food is not spicy and can be enjoyed even by those who cannot have spicy food. They can make the food spicy upon request. Only issue is it is very expensive which might cost approx. Dhs. 150 per head. Most of the time I see this restaurant empty except on Thursday.

  • "Overpriced, does not worth time and effort"

    1 Reviewed 2014-05-30 07:51:00 By Olivia_M89

    We booked the friday brunch at Options, which is normally booked out, and you need to arrange it a month before you planning to go there. So we were a little excited. Although when reached, half of the restaurant remained empty just one and a half hour before 3pm. (Closing) Food did not taste fresh, very basic dishes like channa masala and daal, were not well spiced. --- This is not what i would expect from an Indian cuisine especially with a celebrity chef. --- Dishes were also cold, and undesirable, un-tasty, and unhealthy, does not worth the price. Service is poor, deco of restaurant looks old. Even simple desserts were not well made. The deal is not including water on the table, so if you are thirsty, you need to buy a bottle of masafi which costs 1 dirham in the supermarket, and the least desirable water in Dubai, i have never managed to find it in any restaurants since i live here, and well it costs 18 dirhams in Options. Simply Trying to forget our visit...

  • "Fabulous find, enjoyed the Indian Friday brunch."

    4 Reviewed 2014-05-09 16:17:04 By Sabrina159

    As Europeans, our idea of curries is a far cry from the food available in India. This is the second Indian restaurant we tried here in Dubai and we liked the variety of vegetrian and meat dishes which are not available in Europe. From mild to spicy, each dish was tasty. I am a huge fan of Indian deserts and tried at least five different ones. There is a big selection including the all time favourites Jelebi and Gulab Jamun. Very good value for money and easy to get to by car or metro. Service was not fantastic as it took a long time for our plates to be cleared but not too bad either.

  • "Authentic and Fresh Indian Food, in the heart of Dubai, Great service as well"

    5 Reviewed 2014-05-06 11:37:56 By ShaillyRana14

    OPTIONS by Sanjeev Kapoor is truly amazing & one of the best restaurants I have ever been. The food is really fresh and cooked to perfection. Each dish is freshly prepared, in the open kitchen, by skilled chefs. The ambiance of the restaurant is really lovely, I feel like having a royal dinner. You get personal attention here and they really look after you, Excellent service all round.


Rating: 6.9/10
  • UjwalaAug 01, 2014

    Delicious food with some good live instrumental music - a perfect evening

  • BruceFeb 07, 2014

    Options was OK! Not as impressive as I expected it to be. Both the food & service was just average.

  • HilalNov 26, 2013

    The best indian food in Dubai:)

  • MubinAug 09, 2013

    Yummy in my tummy! Great quality food and much lighter than usual mughalai grubs! Achaari Gosht, Fresh naans n Jalebi were the winners! Of n the fish pakoras too!

  • KristinaMar 16, 2013

    Еда вкусная! Средний чек на человекам 140дихр, красивый интерьер

  • DivyeshAug 16, 2011

    Chilli Cheese Kulcha is amazing and main course has not a good amount of veg variety

  • JesalMar 31, 2011

    The lounge on the floor above is cool - secluded area and very private

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