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Dubai Marina, Dubai

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tripadvisor 3.0 of 5 stars 14 REVIEWS
  • "Good food, good service, reasonable price"

    4 Reviewed 2013-06-01 16:29:06 By skyjockey99

    A return visit here confirmed our view - decent food, substantial portions, prompt and cheerful service, and a good Marina front location. We had Moroccan starters (hummus, tabbouleh, yoghurt with cucumber, flatbreads) - large portions and amongst the best I've tasted. The chicken soup the kids had was OK, nothing special. Main courses of grilled shrimps (=large prawns), mixed seafood and chicken was very good - large platefuls of properly grilled food, and very filling. I hadn't looked at previous reviews until posting this and am quite surprised at some of the experiences - our services was jovial and prompt - in fact for the money(DHS 400 for 2 adults, 3 kids), I thought this was good value and I'd recommend it for a family dinner out.

  • "Not worth the price"

    2 Reviewed 2013-03-17 03:33:50 By Moiz A

    Went for dinner with family, though the location is amazing but the food doesn't match the expectation. The service wasn't good either, when the main course was served we had to ask for plates , spoons etc. The staff was more keen to serve the coffee, hookah customers. We didn't tried the coffee or hookah so no idea about but if you happen to visit marina walk you can skip this restaurant and try other options. The salads we ordered were good compared to the other items we ordered. The management should be a little more attentive and should also rework the pricing and try to improve the quality of food served.

  • "Mogador - Not even worth the 60% off half price Groupon"

    1 Reviewed 2013-02-27 11:40:48 By Mlkendall

    Summary: Food terrible quality and even worse value, Seafood grill not grilled and no food, Mixed Grill 1/4 chicken breast and piece of sausage. Potatoes and cold starters good. Don't waist your time or money. First we ordered the Lamb Chops Grill dinner with hummus, baba ghanouj, labnah w/garlic, and spiced potato for a total of 163 AED (11 AED more than the menu I got the same day states). Luckily we purchased the Groupon deal for 73 AED off of the total cost of the meal (for two people) because 20 minutes after the order was taken we got a call that they did not have any lamb chops and that we needed to change our order. We changed our order to the Seafood Mix Grill (80 AED) and when it arrived 30 minutes late (we live literally on top of the restaurant) it was refrigerator cold, not grilled, and consisted of two prawns and one small fried fish fillet with some rubber chips. We then called back, which we never do but it was bad, and got them to change our sad excuse for a seafood grill for the mixed grill special (75 AED up 5 from the menu I have) and I then spent 15 painful minutes trying to explain or question if I would be getting additional meat in the mixed grill since they were out of lamb or if the meal would cost less. I don't believe I could have explained it one more way so as a result we got the mixed grill specialty with no lamb chops which means 1/4 of a chicken breast and a shriveled up piece of sausage about 6 inches long and 1/2 an inch wide with 2 cups of rice that may or may not have been cooked at all. Needless to say the main dishes weren't worth the bags they came in and was (not stated lightly) the worst value meal I have ever experienced. Up side: The spiced potatoes were delicious after we cooked them for 30 minutes and the cold starters were all very good. Thank you to Spinney's and the guy who scooped them into our takeaway dish.

  • "one of the worst dining experience"

    1 Reviewed 2012-12-26 06:29:21 By bi t

    firstly we didnt got what we asked for from their menu, alternatively they offered somthing which is substandard, food is no where near to what we paid & the service utter worst. we have to spent most time keeping away flies.

  • "Disappointing"

    1 Reviewed 2012-12-23 07:45:40 By sardast

    Obviously things has changed drastically, after reading excellant reviews I invited some friends and went there to have a nice juicy Moroccan dinner. The biggest mistake I have made so far in choosing a restaurant!!! The menu has changed and the place serves very few Moroccan dishes and lots of "international" ones. Obviously it focuses on sheesha and has become another glorified sheesha place. The lamb tagine was bad as the lamb was not fresh, the complimentary condiments were old olives and pieces of butter cut and thrown haphazardly in the same cheap stainless dish, the waitress didn't know anything not even the type of sparkling water they carry, the hareera soup was edible but way too thin in texture and poor in ingredients. The coscous with vegetables was nice but not too special. The best dish was the shrimp tagine, the only really good thing served that evening. Even the bread was lame old pita bread. The sheesha? well you can get better for AED 10. The bill: too pricey for no quality. Advice: stay away.


Rating: 0/10
  • SadiaAug 02, 2013

    Shisha was bad.. Service was mediocre.

  • JordyApr 30, 2013

    Shisha and juices are ok.. The rest isn't..

  • RashaFeb 22, 2013

    Horrible food and crap service, shisha is ok and the dishes look nice but other than that good luck!

  • MeshalSep 06, 2012

    One of the greatest restaurants

  • ADec 12, 2011

    Bastila is so Good Yummmyy

  • MariaNov 01, 2011

    They serve shisha outside. Bread is soo tasty :)

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