Da Vincis Italian Trattoria

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  • "All time favorite now all time disaster"

    1 Reviewed 2014-09-23 02:48:04 By Giovanni G

    One of my favorite all time good old fashioned reliable go-to Italian restaurant, for the last 14 years!! From holidays to anniversaries and birthday parties or just getting cozy with the missus this place has always been a diamond in the rough. Until last night! OMG ok so I have not been there in a few months due to unforeseen circumstances but hey good old favorites don't change that much right? WRONG! How wrong was I trying to take my wife out for our anniversary dinner last night. Sadly we got up and walked out without even ordering a glass of water. Menu selection now has 3 mains to choose from, 1 fish, 1 chicken and 1 beef dish the rest of the menu consist of pasta about 15 choices or so or pizza 15 choices or so all of which is now more than double the price it was before! For a 4 star hotel charging more than a 5 star hotel for food was just outrageous, and please don't tell me your penne is fresh hand made pasta, it comes out of a box that feeds 4 people for $2 and charging $21 per portion is just unchristian like! A scoop of ice cream at $11 is not even worth my time commenting on. I can highly recommend going down the road less than a min away for a variety of choices and some even at 40% cheaper. Sorry Da Vinci's you have gone from hero to zero in the blink of an eye and my family and friends not to mention my wallet will never be seen there again. Going from $60 for a couple incl wine to $60 per person excl any drinks is a bit rough for me.

  • "Best dining place for couples..."

    5 Reviewed 2014-08-18 05:06:30 By Siby86

    My husband discovered this place as I love italian food.. And now we feel it's our best romantic dining place.. We visit there every month for sure... Let me start with the ambience and lighting is perfect for romantic date with glass of wine(many options).. We usually order the calamari fry, half pepperoni n half BBQ chicken pizza and chicken with mushroom pasta in cream sauce( my favourite)... Let me tel u the best part is u can give ur opinion bout a dish u wish to eat though it's not in the menu... A big credit to waiter Anise he very attentive n courteous, above all he remembers wat v had last time, v give him our requirements and the dish is perfect and if u have a complaint, pls tel him, he wil do the needful... My hubby and I spent atleast 2 hours lost in each other everytime we go there... So I feel it's best dining place in Dubai and pasta lovers this is ur place...

  • "Wow.."

    5 Reviewed 2014-07-30 13:22:28 By Lisa H

    My husband and I visited da vincis while staying at the millenium airport hotel. ..was the food good...absolutely. I had the seabream on a rich tomato sauce. .with cherry tomatoes and potato balls and my husband had the prawn and mushroom pizza. ..was it good yes...were the portions huge yes, the head waiter was very knowledgeable and good fun...you have to go...its a must x

  • "Unruly Customers"

    4 Reviewed 2014-07-09 06:44:29 By alan j

    Great food and service. But need to address issue of excitable and out of control kids, especially when you are paying top money for high quality food. You don't expect to find a rug rat under your table

  • "Always Good."

    5 Reviewed 2014-06-19 14:05:08 By madeluca5

    Da Vinci's is usually a stop that I make everytime that I am in Dubai. Its just always consistently good. I'm so sorry, as I lost the paper that I wrote everyone's names on, but everyone there is so nice, and just does a great job. Keep up the good work!


  • EcchaAug 08, 2014

    Authentic Italian food and service.

  • AlysaJan 02, 2014

    So, so awesome. Loved the food, service was good and the decor was cozy and nice. Great for family outings, business meetings and even romantic occasions!

  • MaryamJun 23, 2013

    I usually order their gnocchi with pink sauce, lasagne, calamari & terrine for dessert. Although its complimentary, their pesto bread is heavenly and I don't even like pesto!

  • ShamsaJun 08, 2013

    Place has been there for ages. Ask for gnocchi with pink sauce. Amazing! Good caprese salad & beef lasagne. Their fried calamari & shrimps plate is SO GOOD. Pizza is not t recommended at all

  • AnkitMay 06, 2013

    Terina Choco... It is yummy as hell!!

  • RoundMenu PageApr 23, 2013

    Enjoy 20% off your total Food and Drink bill any time of the week. Book online now.

  • Sue™ ♡♉Apr 25, 2012

    Caprese Salad is Yummy & Rissotto Sea food with pink Sauce <3<3

  • AbdallaApr 20, 2012

    Really bad service, ignores reservations, doesn't care about customers!!

  • NatzyDec 10, 2011

    The best Italian food, with sub-par service

  • FrazJun 18, 2011

    What happened to the old bloody menu?.... Why.. Why!!!! None of the old classics like ravioli or gnocchi are here... I don't need Italian cuisine... I want Italian food damn it!


Millennium Airport Hotel, Garhoud, Dubai

Estimated Price: (Starter + Main + Drink)

120 AED





Restaurant Hours

Coca Cola


Proud pioneer of the Italian restaurant scene in Dubai, 21 years on we are still maintaining our commitment in providing authentic Italian food in a warm environment with personalized service.

A menu that maintains reflections of nostalgic memories of traditional Italian flavours, prepared with the freshest ingredients and a lot of passion, promising an exciting culinary journey to various regions of Italy.The simply stunning pasta is cooked to perfection with an exquisite infusion of flavours exploding on your taste buds. The pizza is puffed up, golden and crispy to exactly the right degree, striking a perfect balance between squidgy and dry.



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