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Al Muntaha
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27th floor, Burj Al Arab, Jumeirah, Dubai

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500 AED



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tripadvisor 4.0 of 5 stars 555 REVIEWS
  • "7* prices, 3* restaurant"

    1 Reviewed 2014-07-28 07:28:32 By happy_hobbit

    I had a special birthday whilst in Dubai, and decided to celebrate at the Al Muntaha Restaurant in the Burj al Arab. The hotel awards itself 7 stars, so we expected it to be expensive but exceptional. We were half right. We decided to arrive early in the hope of enjoying the view and having a drink in the bar. The ‘lady’ who ‘greeted’ us at the door had an attitude that we found less than welcoming. We explained what we wanted to do, and she told us rather brusquely that we needed a separate reservation for the bar! When we got to the reception for the Al Muntaha, the lady there was far more accommodating, with a ‘yes of course’ attitude that was closer to what we were expecting. The bar was pleasant enough, but with no real ‘wow’ factor – except for the prices. It was Ramadan and they had decided to serve no alcohol until after 8, (even though iftar was at around 7:15) so we had two mocktails – at around £15 each. They came with a very nice selection of nuts, some huge stuffed olives and a couple of canapés, but the service was hardly 7*. Once you’re sat down, they don’t seem to like you to get up and wander about. We both visited the toilets, and were escorted there and back. Apparently the ladies has nice, expensive perfumes, but the men’s just has spray deodorant – very welcoming (and 7* - not!) We were shown to our window table, but although there are large windows all around the bar and restaurant, you can’t see out at night as the lighting is so poorly planned that its reflections on the glass effectively create an opaque screen between you and the outside world. (I hate rubbish design when it thinks it’s ‘elegance’). We expected that the food and drink would be expensive, but even we were surprised at just how expensive. Most starters are £35-40, main courses £60+ and the Wagyu beef (which we had) around £90. The wine prices are unbelievable; the most expensive wine on the menu is a Chateau Lafitte at 81,000 Dirhams (around £13,500). The cheapest wine is an OK Chilean Merlot at £11 a GLASS. One from the Bekaa Valley is £30 a GLASS, and that’s by no means the most expensive. Wines I could get in the supermarket at home for £7 a bottle were being sold for over £70 a bottle at the Al Muntaha. So you get the picture. On the plus side, the amuse bouche and bread were nice, the starter we selected - salmon ‘ceviche’ – was unlike any ceviche we’ve ever had (and we've enjoyed many) but was tasty, nicely presented and surprisingly large. The Wagyu beef was as delicious and tender as you’d expect (though not for £90 per person), though neither the menu nor the waiter explained that it came with a good portion of mashed potato and a sizeable asparagus garnish, so we had ordered French fries and mushrooms (at the waiter’s suggestion), both of which were delicious but really too much. Also, it would have been good to have had serving utensils for the fries – or better still for a 7* restaurant, have them served to us - a hot dish for the mushrooms (they went cold very quickly), and a sorbet between courses to freshen the palate so we could fully appreciate the flavours. All would have been standard in a good 5* establishment, but the extra 2 stars obviously means they dispense with such fripperies. The portions were big, so we couldn’t face dessert and ordered just coffees. And that’s what we got – no petit fours or chocolates, just coffees. On the plus side, they did bring me an impressive birthday cake in a box to take away, but for a total of around £400 for a fairly-good 2 course meal for 2 people with just 2 glasses of wine each, we felt that a self-styled 7* restaurant should have done significantly better. After the meal we wandered around the public areas of the hotel. My father used to use the expression “tart’s boudoir” to refer to somewhere that was massively ornate and opulently decorated but had no class. That’s how the Burj looks. Roger Federer may love it, but even the Beckhams have the good taste to stay away. When we were in Mauritius in 2012, we dined at the Saint Geran, a world-renowned 5* hotel and restaurant. The whole meal felt 5* - the service, the attitude and attentiveness of the staff, the ambiance, the food, the wines, the cocktails in the bar beforehand. It wasn’t cheap, but the prices reflected the very high quality of the experience, and it was nowhere near as exorbitant as the Al Muntaha. The Burj al Arab gives itself 2 extra stars, but the management seems to have no idea what that should mean, beyond giving themselves licence to charge 1000%+ markup on everything. (A bottle of water shouldn’t cost £10, anywhere). I enjoyed my birthday there, but frankly I’m sure I would have enjoyed it almost as much at a restaurant charging a quarter of the price that wasn’t so far up its own backside that it couldn't see daylight.

  • "Great place to impress for a business lunch."

    4 Reviewed 2014-07-22 03:46:31 By Caspar1975

    Food was very good, though very expensive. Sitting on the 27th floor of this amazing hotel is fantastic. The view is spectacular with the man made Palm Jumeirah and the Dubai Marina towers on one side and the World Islands, downtown and the bujr Khalifa on the other side. That is why you are here.!

  • "Restaurant with a view"

    5 Reviewed 2014-07-21 22:37:20 By Ru-blue

    Dining at the Al Muntaha was a very pleasant experience, the view was good, the food was good, the service was excellent and the Sommelier was equally great and very knowledgeable. Although the food was very good, the price tag was way excessive...understand it is a 7star hotel, but still way excessively priced.

  • "Best brunch in town"

    5 Reviewed 2014-07-19 08:31:58 By Miguel217

    Excellent Food, Amazing service....excellent view.. expensive brunch, very poor atmosphere. they need to improve more hw to create better atmosphere "Managment"

  • "Fabulous experience!"

    5 Reviewed 2014-07-17 17:10:13 By AttractaC

    This restaurant is a must-do when visiting Dubai. The whole experience from start to finish was fantastic. The food, service, professionalism of the staff and all the extra touches throughout the meal made this one of the highlights of my time in Dubai. I booked Al Muntaha before I left Ireland and the whole reservation process was so easy. I will definitely be visiting again on my return to this wonderful city.


Rating: 8.4/10
  • FayMay 02, 2014


  • BabakApr 24, 2014

    Forget the price, enjoy the pampering

  • AnumMar 29, 2014

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  • TracyMar 20, 2014

    GORGEOUS !!! SEXY!!!

  • DeryaJan 11, 2014

    Manzara süper

  • VspDec 21, 2013

    Ну хуй знает. Готовят как в среднем ресторане в Москве.

  • MitkoNov 27, 2013

    Favorite place!

  • DutchedNov 22, 2013

    Had a ritzy afternoon 'sky tea' here. Great experience, amazing views, good food and wonderful ambiance.

  • PriyaNov 14, 2013

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  • OlyaOct 18, 2013

    Burj al Arab kokteyli hafif ve tadı cok güzel

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