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Al Fresco
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image 4.0   32 Reviews
foursquare  7/10
4.0 of 5 stars  33 Reviews


Crowne Plaza Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

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150 AED



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Coca Cola
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  4.0 32 Reviews
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tripadvisor 4.0 of 5 stars 33 REVIEWS
  • "This restaurant was a highlight of my trip"

    5 Reviewed 2014-09-06 04:38:05 By lynn p

    I was in Dubai on business in the Emirates for two weeks and stayed at the Crowne Plaza, where this is one of many restaurants. The decor here is very simple and traditional and the ambiance is very casual. But over the two weeks I was here, I came to regard this as one of my three favorites, the other two being Oscars and Chamas. The food at Al Fresco is very simple, but amazingly good. And the staff are incredibly personable and go the extra mile to help, including the executive chef Carlos De Los Mozos, the executive chef who oversees all the hotel's restaurants and who i met in Al Fresco, and Aurora Piccioni, who is the manager of the restaurant. Aurora even had the kitchen make me a special pasta dish based on what i told her i liked, which was an amazing pasta and shrimp dish that was still simple, with garlic and olive oil. All the menu dishes I also tried were terrific too, including the pizza which is to die for. It's a great place and well worth making a special trip to the hotel to visit and try.

  • "Great Italian food"

    5 Reviewed 2014-08-17 01:49:33 By luv2flyca

    I got the pesto ravioli and it came with some bread loved that the pasta came with veggies and the taste was creamy and delicious I am sure there is other restaurants that may be better than this one but I like it and will be back again thank you.

  • "original Italian food in Dubai"

    4 Reviewed 2014-04-27 12:02:06 By maxitaliajin

    As an Italian business traveller I never expect to find Italian food abroad with real Italian flavours. During my recent stay in Dubai, I had the occasion to dine at this Italian restaurant. All ordered dishes were delicious and tasting like original Italian flavours. The menu offered an excellent selection of Italian recipes and wines. I enjoyed to feel the Italian atmosphere after many days of being abroad. The staff is very professional and I very much appreciated the good food & wine recommendations of Aurora, the Italian manager of the restaurant.

  • "One of the Best Restaurants in Dubai"

    5 Reviewed 2014-04-27 09:31:46 By Carlo M

    Most of the time, when I go to Dubai, I have this feeling that places are really artificial, that the atmosphere doesn't fit with what it is supposed to be. Sometimes it's too much, sometimes it's just not enough. But when I went to Al Fresco, everything was just fine, as if I were truly in Italy. The service was nice with the lovely Italian manager ; the food was simple but tasted amazing. I had a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to eating there again through my next trip in the city.

  • "Real Italian essence"

    5 Reviewed 2014-04-27 07:48:16 By max0087

    "Al Fresco" I found the real italian cuisine! Amazing food and a great service. I highly recommend this delicious restaurant.


Rating: 7/10
  • RanAug 23, 2014

    Their sea food soup is a must try! Delicious. Good service, no need for prior reservations.

  • AziaJun 07, 2014

    One of the oldest Italian restaurant in town. Their pasta is pretty good. The ravioli was a disappointing choice however. Food takes a lot of time to arrive.

  • MarinaJan 19, 2014

    Don't remember the name of this, lamb with truffles I guess. Did not like it at all, there was no meat, just fat:(

  • BarraGDec 23, 2013

    Their Tuscan Soup is way too good.!!

  • MargritNov 22, 2013

    The pasta dishes are very good. We had the linguine al pesto di basilico ligure and the spaghetto chitarra al pomodoro fresco e basilico

  • RuthJun 22, 2013

    The food is pretty good here. You could try the spaghetti in spicy lobster,has a distinctive flavour. The Ravioli is pretty boring. But what put me off is the staff, very unfriendly and unresponsive.

  • ImadApr 11, 2013

    Awesome bread basket :-D

  • FatimaFeb 21, 2013

    Risotto duck is good. Spaghetti lobster not all that.

  • JenniferMay 13, 2012

    Having a Italian Dinner 

  • andreaSep 04, 2011

    Paccheri di grano con amatriciana di mare e fresco d'arancio... Wow

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