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  • Eating out is usually synonymous with breaking the bank, especially when it comes to a good quality grub in this city. However, our list of the 10 most interesting cheap eats in Dubai will prove to you that tight budgets do not mean tight belts. We have come up with a selection of casual and afforda...
  • Dubai is home to countless restaurants and cafés, some of which are, with good reason, immensely popular. Then there are these hidden gems which have either been unfairly overlooked or never been unearthed due to their covert location or minuscule size. This is where we enter, serving culinar...
  • Let's be honest: we all love a good Italian fare. Whether that involves indulging in a creamy, al dente pasta infused with fresh herbs, or it's tucking into a wholesome, steaming hot, cheesy pizza. Everyone enjoys the decadent, delicate and delicious Mediterranean flavours that this increasingly pop...
  • The café norm has been a constant in Dubai, with either standalone locations or café present in the malls across, catering fresh pastries, cakes, cupcakes and more to compliment the piping hot coffee and tea options in an ambiance that relaxing as your taste buds relish the various tre...
  • This time, we are doing something a little different!  Rather than us pick our top 10 Arabic Restaurants, we’ve let you, the diner, make the choice for us.  Here’s a compilation of the Top 10 Arabic Restaurants in Dubai as measured by a unique feature to RoundMenu.Com, our Soci...
  • Dining out in a mall culture first picked up in the early 90s with introduction of fast food franchise setting up in newly construed malls to entice the residents of Dubai and ever since, it’s a fad that has constantly been followed by inhabitants and tourist in Dubai. Over the years, the fast...
  • The holy month of Ramadan brings about some fairly substantial changes to the dining scene in Dubai. During this time eating and drinking in public, before sunset is not allowed and the majority of restaurants change their hours of operation so that they open just before sunset (just after 7pm), alt...
  • It’s the month of fasting and generosity. It’s the time to observe Ramadan. Every year, for a month, Dubai resonates to thirty days of Iftar and Suhoor festivities where in, hotels to restaurants across the U.A.E show case an iftar fare with keen focus on on traditional Ramadan dishes an...
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Snacks / Finger Food Restaurant
"Up above the sky so high !!!"
4.5 of 5 stars
1107 Reviews
- by KhwajaSaif on 30 Sep, 2014
Thai Restaurant
"One of the best buddha bars"
4.5 of 5 stars
877 Reviews
- by KhwajaSaif on 30 Sep, 2014
Cafe Restaurant
"The New Dubai"
4.0 of 5 stars
34 Reviews
- by Michael G on 30 Sep, 2014
European Restaurant
4.5 of 5 stars
773 Reviews
- by Nic140760 on 30 Sep, 2014
French Restaurant
"so much choice"
4.5 of 5 stars
138 Reviews
- by Nic140760 on 30 Sep, 2014

Latest Reviews On Restaurants In Dubai

nannette dalin October 01, 2014
Were organizing reunion. I hope November 9 sunday 8pm we can book this day for 25 person. Emirates catering reunion. Heres my number 0552128023
Frioul Bistro
Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai
Abed Bibi September 29, 2014
Good Food, Great ambiance, Jazz, design, people and Staff is very helpful and welcoming, Sonia does the best drinks at the Bar, ask her for Amber and Eve before you head to the table.
Bikanervala - Al Qusais
Al Qusais, Dubai
Anas Khan September 29, 2014
I have always enjoyed eating North Indian food at Bikanerwala, AL qusais. However, this time I tried the South Indian menu. I order Mysore masala dosa, which was very yummy, though I didnot ...
Bikanervala - Al Barsha
Al Barsha, Dubai
Angeela September 29, 2014
Went with a friend to Bikarnerwal Al Barsha restaurant. I had no idea how India food tastes like, so I was excited. The food was colourful, tasty but spicy. I really enjoyed eating the India...
Rahul Chauhan September 29, 2014
We visit Bikanerwala's Al Karama restaurant with our family. This place serves pure vegetarian Indian food. Reasonably priced for everyone to enjoy.
Clinton Street Baking Company
Downtown Boulevard, Dubai
Dany Farha September 27, 2014
OMG amazingly delicious huge portions , have the fried tomatoes, burger and eggs Benedict with lobster

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