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Bidi Bondi
Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
OPTIONS by Sanjeev Kapoor
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
pradeep August 26, 2014
We booked a table for our wedding anniversary. They have made a good arrangement and the staffs were good.
Mohammed Almazidi August 25, 2014
Hello I would like to buy Mexican spices and all materials required to prepare Mexican food. So I like to visit your shop and buy what I need. Also like to try the food in your restaurant.
Shang Thai
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Dina August 25, 2014
The ladies lunch on Sunday was good except for the Tom Yum soup. Was not tasty n was too very spicy. The tempura prwans were good but the size has gone down. They will taste better if they a...
Rikta August 25, 2014
very good food, tanura dance is amazing. horse dance was very different and funny
The Farm
Al Barari, Dubai
Linda Senior August 24, 2014
Beautiful location and landscaping, has a wonderful feel to it. Food is excellent and staff are friendly but need more direction and training. There is no apparent management running the s...

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