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  • The café norm has been a constant in Dubai, with either standalone locations or café present in the malls across, catering fresh pastries, cakes, cupcakes and more to compliment the piping hot coffee and tea options in an ambiance that relaxing as your taste buds relish the various tre...
  • This time, we are doing something a little different!  Rather than us pick our top 10 Arabic Restaurants, we’ve let you, the diner, make the choice for us.  Here’s a compilation of the Top 10 Arabic Restaurants in Dubai as measured by a unique feature to RoundMenu.Com, our Soci...
  • Dining out in a mall culture first picked up in the early 90s with introduction of fast food franchise setting up in newly construed malls to entice the residents of Dubai and ever since, it’s a fad that has constantly been followed by inhabitants and tourist in Dubai. Over the years, the fast...
  • The holy month of Ramadan brings about some fairly substantial changes to the dining scene in Dubai. During this time eating and drinking in public, before sunset is not allowed and the majority of restaurants change their hours of operation so that they open just before sunset (just after 7pm), alt...
  • It’s the month of fasting and generosity. It’s the time to observe Ramadan. Every year, for a month, Dubai resonates to thirty days of Iftar and Suhoor festivities where in, hotels to restaurants across the U.A.E show case an iftar fare with keen focus on on traditional Ramadan dishes an...
  • At times, it’s just not enough for a meal to fulfill a dining experience. Enhance your time out with an additional activity and enhance your overall experience and night out. Slowly but surly we are seeing the “dine with activities” trend picking up, from the classic artisan worksh...
  • Mention British food and everyone will say Fish and Chips - and yes it’s a British dish, but there’s so much more to enjoy about British food than that. Whether you are craving a comfort food dish or a dish showcasing the best of local British ingredients, we share the scoop on our favou...
  • Bur Dubai Claypot: Apart from the variety of Chaats (I encountered a mindboggling variety of them in their Indian Street Food Festival), the menu has a lot of vegetarian options. Interestingly, this is also one of the few Indian restaurants in Dubai offering a special Jain menu (not only completely...
  • From a simple bowl of chaat to a more complex carefully spiced Biryani, with each region having it’s own specialty dishes packed full of flavor and spices it’s possible to eat your way around India and never have the same dish again. Here’s our top pick of mid range Indian restaura...
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Indian Restaurant
"BeSt Indian Restaurant"
4.5 of 5 stars
113 Reviews
- by Camile H on 19 Sep, 2014
European Restaurant
"An excellent example of fine dining"
4.5 of 5 stars
419 Reviews
- by Melbaptist on 19 Sep, 2014
Steakhouse Restaurant
"Enjoyable food"
4.5 of 5 stars
221 Reviews
- by Bodyfit06 on 19 Sep, 2014
International Restaurant
"Sloanes @ Grosvenor House"
4.5 of 5 stars
118 Reviews
- by Johnnyindubai on 19 Sep, 2014
International Restaurant
"Best of 3 world's !!!"
4.0 of 5 stars
96 Reviews
- by AMEETARANJAN on 19 Sep, 2014

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Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Jerwin Ebora September 20, 2014
Friendly environment, food is amaZing and presentation of food is excellent.
Al Wasl, Dubai
Nader Amiri September 20, 2014
Casual & cool Turkish dining spot...small place so make sure to book, especially on busy times (like Friday lunch). Friendly and helpful staff that is always on the look. As for the food it'...
رشودي السويدي September 20, 2014
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رشودي السويدي September 20, 2014
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رشودي السويدي September 20, 2014
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September 20, 2014
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